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Better, Faster, Stronger: Get Smarter Insights In Seconds with Pixel Page 2.0

Better, Faster, Stronger: Get Smarter Insights In Seconds with Pixel Page 2.0

Last Updated:  
March 18, 2024

Another week, another incredible update.

FinHub changed the ecom finance game; now we’ve overhauled our most-used feature, the Pixel. 

As a marketer, this is probably my favorite update to date.

In May 2022 (it feels so long ago) we upgraded our Pixel to Pixel PRO. Pixel PRO is the industry standard for first-party, server-side pixel tracking; it’s what allows us to track 99.7% of your all clickable purchases. 

It just got even better.

We’ve overhauled the Pixel page, rolling out a new look, better tools, and faster load times, giving you smarter insights to maximize the profitability and growth of your business. 

Take a deep breath. Get some coffee. And buckle up.

Better Tools

Time-Series Graphs

Triple Whalers who’ve used Creative Cockpit or Affluencer Hub are no stranger to our time-series graphs (personally one of my favorite tools). We’ve brought the same trend analysis to the Pixel page, giving you more insight into the platforms, campaigns, ad sets/ad groups and ads that are performing (and the ones that aren’t).

Time Period Comparison

Compare performance over 6 different options: Previous Period, Previous Week, Previous Month, Previous Quarter, Previous Year, Custom.

Order Overlap

An omni-channel approach to digital marketing has never been more important. 

Since the Triple Attribution model is infinite (tracking every interaction from the time the Triple Pixel is installed and attributing conversions to every clickable source on the path to purchase), we decided to create the Order Overlap column.

This powerful feature will help Triple Whalers understand the volume of their orders that were influenced by another source. Before today, users might see 20+ Sources and would have to decipher between facebook (lowercase) and Facebook (capitalized) to develop a clear picture of the customer journey.

With the upgraded Order Overlap column, you can easily delineate between organic and paid: no more “facebook” vs “Facebook” dilema.

Improved Data & Visibility

See Every Campaign (whether we integrate with a source or not)

That’s right: Pixel now gives you the ability to see “campaign” (utm_campiagn) performance within each “source” (utm_source)

Personally, I couldn’t be happier. 

This is especially helpful for platforms that we don’t have a current integration with (channels like Bing, Criteo, affiliate platforms, Attentive, Yotpo, etc.). For example, here’s what Triple Whalers will see when clicking into Yotpo today:

Tracking the effectiveness (Purchases, CV, AOV, Unique Visitors and Sessions) of each campaign will continue to help Triple Whalers invest and scale smarter.

Visitor Data On All Traffic Sources + Triple Pixel Unique Visitors and Sessions

Previously, the “Pixel - All” page would only report on “sources” (utm_source) that had attributed purchases. Great news: We now report on and show all sources that drive traffic, not just purchases.

That’s right: As part of the update, we now show Unique Visitors and Sessions, making it easier for you to optimize based on upstream metrics as well as conversions.

Sessions currently show historical data, with a  lookback window that extends to whenever your Triple Pixel was installed. Note that Unique Visitors will be limited to September 6 and forward for the next few weeks; our team is refreshing the database to include the same level of historical data, hold tight.

Find & Fix Broken Links

Struggling to find bad UTMs can feel like sifting for a needle in a haystack.

We’ve made it much easier.

The updated Pixel Page offers the ability to see “broken links,” which we define as links that don’t have a proper UTM structure. 

Previously, broken links were bucketed under the “Other” section within each source, limiting the actions you could take to fix them. Now, broken links will show up under each source or platform:

Making triage a breeze. 

Phasing Out Google Analytics

With Google Analytics’ transition to GA4 (yikes), it’s becoming increasingly difficult to match GA data with Platform or Source data. Bottom line: This leads to data you can’t trust.

Since the Triple Pixel now tracks Unique Visitors and Sessions, we’ve decided to sunset our Google Analytics integration.

Faster Load Times

If you’re reading this, you probably aren’t a back-end developer. We’re not going to bore you with all the bells and whistles our new database has…but we will tell you that it greatly improves Pixel page load times (particularly for large accounts), allowing you to do more with your data. 

Enjoy the blazing fast speeds, and get ready for all the new things we’ll be able to build on top of this beautiful database.

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