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What's New in Triple Whale: July 2023 Product Updates

What's New in Triple Whale: July 2023 Product Updates

Last Updated:  
March 18, 2024

July was a big month at Triple Whale. While summer vacation got into full swing, our team was working hard on shipping new features and packages for our customers. 

You can explore more on our July Product Updates HERE.

Watch this video with Logan for a walkthrough of all the updates!

New Features:

Subscription Analytics

Subscription brands are distinct, each with its own unique characteristics and needs. With this in mind, we are thrilled to introduce Subscription Analytics. This feature allows you to analyze your subscriptions directly in Triple Whale, mapping order tags to order types and ensuring attribution accuracy.

Subscription Analytics within Pixel Page:

  • Filter by order type (first-time order, recurring order, non-subscription purchases)
  • New columns: subscription signups, subscription signup rate
  • Track recurring subscription orders by adjusting your Pixel traffic rules

Subscription Analytics within Summary Page:

  • New section of the summary page called subscription analytics.
  • Supports Recharge out-of-the-box (Skio coming soon)
  • For non-Recharge or Skio users, track recurring orders by updating your subscription order tag data in the Pixel Settings

Learn more about Subscription Analytics

Founders Dash: The Free Dashboard for Ecommerce Leaders

We're excited to introduce Founders Dash, a free, all-in-one dashboard for ecommerce leaders, providing you with real-time insights to grow your brand. It integrates seamlessly with your ecommerce platform and marketing channels, displaying all your key business metrics in one visual dashboard. Plus, you can stay updated on-the-go with Triple Whale’s mobile app.

Learn more about Founders Dash

New Integration: Recharge

Recharge powers subscriptions for the fastest growing brands. 

Now you can enhance your understanding of your subscription shopper journey with our Recharge integration. Attribute your first through recurring subscriptions with the Triple Pixel, and view all subscription metrics, including revenue, active or canceled subscriptions, and percentage of subscription sales, directly in your Triple Whale dashboard.

Learn more about our Recharge integration 

Updates to Existing Features:

API Keys

API keys are now available to build ad hoc integrations with other tools, giving you even more integration options. Any customer with access will be able to use the API without any complicated infrastructure or dev setup. Customers can:

  • Retrieve all of your summary metrics for your selected time range, 
  • Push your own custom metrics from external systems to the dashboard, 
  • Retrieve a list of orders, attribution, and a log of customer journey events for each order for the selected time range.

Learn more about API Keys

Personalize Your Summary and Pixel Pages

Your Pixel pages just got even more personalized. 

  • Within your Pixel pages, you can select from multiple pre-built column presets or build your own, which can be later referenced, edited, and accessed by other users within your Triple Whale account.
  • On your Summary page, your chosen comparison period will now be saved for subsequent sessions, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Explore Pixel column presets

Custom Questions for Post-Purchase Survey

We upgraded the number of custom questions you can include in your survey from 3 to 7!

Learn more about Post-Purchase Survey

Custom Expenses for Non-Integrated Channels

Triple Whale can now track costs for any of your tools that do not natively integrate with the platform, and get more accurate blending metrics tracking. Navigate to “Expenses” and assign a custom expense to a non-integrated channel that has been tracked by the pixel in the last 30 days.

Learn more about custom expenses

Smart Customer Data Platform (SCDP) Predefined Segments

We've created predefined segments based on Pixel data for all relevant stores, simplifying the process of getting started with SCDP. These segments include sorting out customers from Klaviyo, Facebook, and Google Ads. 

Explore SCDP

New Metrics on Product Analytics

We've added new metrics to the Product Analytics page, helping you track how discounts impact your revenue.

  • Average purchase price: the average price that was paid for the product across all orders
  • Mode purchase price: the most common price that was paid for the product across all orders

Explore Product Analytics

New Filters on Cohorts & Product Analytics

We've expanded the range of filters on orders and products within the Cohorts and Product Analytics pages.

Explore Cohorts

Cumulative Summary Graph

We've added a new cumulative mode on the summary graph for improved data visualization.

Try it out

Coming Soon…

As always, we appreciate you being a part of the Triple Whale journey. We’re currently gearing up for a big release of a whole new feature in Triple Whale. Hint: it helps brands manage their pacing, goals, and inventory.

To stay on top of these updates, subscribe to our product updates email HERE.

Not a Triple Whale customer yet? Want to get your hands on these fancy new features? Request a demo with our sales team.  

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