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What's New in Triple Whale: August 2023 Product Updates

What's New in Triple Whale: August 2023 Product Updates

Last Updated:  
March 18, 2024

The Triple Whale team was hard at work in August. In case you missed anything, below is a recap of the key product updates we made last month!

You can also visit our product updates page to stay on top of the key updates each month.

August Product Updates:

Affluencer Hub 2.0

In an era where influencers steer brand stories, we are proud to present an improved Affluencer Hub. This version prioritizes versatility and deeper collaboration insights for your brand.

Key enhancements include:

  • Wider Integration: Seamlessly incorporate data from major influencer programs through CSV uploads.
  • Streamlined Tracking: Featuring new tracking links, easily monitor influencer campaigns and outcomes.
  • Third-party Affluencer Tools: Augment your tracking capabilities with compatibility for third-party influencer tools.
  • Detailed Expense Management: Keep track of multiple expenses and ensure budgetary compliance for each influencer collaboration.

Learn more about Affluencer Hub 2.0

Next Gen Attribution Models

A major enhancement to the identity resolution technology in our attribution sauce. Using far more data from integrated channels and user-specific data for cohesive event-to-journey mapping.

Learn more about Next Gen Attribution.

SOC 2 Compliance

We are proud to announce that Triple Whale is now SOC 2 compliant! Having successfully completed the audit, we reaffirm our commitment to ensuring the privacy and security of our customers' data.

Learn more about our data privacy, compliance, and reliability 

Net Profit Breakdown

We now have a breakdown so users can see what the profit is made up of. In the next few weeks, all TW stats will get this type of breakdown.

Learn more about tracking your profits

Total Impact Attribution

For brands deriving the majority of their revenue from new customers, we now recommend using Total Impact Attribution to get the best picture of which channels are creating the most value and ROI for their business.

Learn more about Total Impact

New Recharge Metrics

For customers with the recharge integration, we have 2 new tiles in the summary page. Total Active Subscriptions and Total Active Subscribers.

Learn more about our Recharge Integration

Web Analytics Conversions

We changed the way calculated conversions for the Web analytics on the Summary Page to only include Web purchases.

Learn more about Web Analytics

Mobile App

The date picker now matches the desktop date picker and includes all of the pre-set options for dates.

Download our full-feature mobile app 

Attribution Clarity

If you are on “Triple attribution” or “Triple attribution + FB views” attribution  models, On the pixel page “all” you’ll see a small red icon near the total values of the pixel columns.

Hover over the cell will open a tooltip with an explanation why the totals are different than Shopify.

Learn more about our attribution models

Enterprise Webpage

Triple Whale is secure, flexible, and built to help businesses operate at scale efficiently. 

See how on our Enterprise Webpage

Coming Soon…

As always, we appreciate you being a part of the Triple Whale journey. We’re currently gearing up for a big release of a whole new feature in Triple Whale. Hint: it helps brands manage their pacing, goals, and inventory.

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