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15 Top Shopify Themes To Try

15 Top Shopify Themes To Try

Last Updated:  
March 18, 2024

As an ecommerce entrepreneur, your online store is everything. All of your marketing efforts point potential customers to your store, and your ultimate goal is to inspire people to convert to buyers.

To do that, you need an online store that stands apart from the crowd, allows users to find the items they’re looking for, discover new products, and check out with ease. In other words, you need a website with exceptional design. 

Below, Triple Whale will share some of our favorite Shopify themes and answer a couple of the most common questions about the themes. 

What Are the Best Shopify Themes?

Here are 15 of the top Shopify themes for small businesses:

1. Ella      

Ella is a theme developed by Halothemes, which has a reputation for making top-notch themes for Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce. Ella is a top seller on Themeforest.

Known for its fantastic UI/UX and mobile-friendly layout, this theme is an easy-to-use drag-and-drop option for ecommerce business owners looking for lots of eye-catching and responsive templates with a stellar overall design. 

Ella offers a drop-down list shopping cart, beautiful child themes, lazy loading, and new Shopify themes each month.

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2. Boost

If your online store sells products that come in many different colors, the boost theme could be perfect for you. It provides display swatches on all of your product and collection pages. It will also let you put promotions into your main menu and provide customers with live search results and internal links. Boost also offers image hotspot linking, meaning you can create link labels to tag images and direct more targeted traffic to your products.

3. District

If one of your primary goals is to highlight specific products and collections, it is hard to beat the District theme. Perhaps one of the best overall Shopify themes, District is ideal for sports businesses & apparel companies. Its gorgeous design provides a plethora of functions that will point out the fine details of each product. 

The District theme comes with three different styles (District, Energy, Coast) and has near-perfect customer reviews. This theme offers color swatches for each product, enabling users to view a specific product in several different colors. 

It also comes with a marketing email pop-up feature that allows you to showcase relevant products and offers, grow your email lists, and recapture the user’s attention before they exit the webpage.

4. Minimal

This theme is lauded for its incredible customizability on the backend and is one of the most user-friendly themes available. The interface is clean and straightforward, and Minimal is a fantastic option for beginners or entrepreneurs who want to highlight their products while minimizing visual distractions. 

Minimal comes with many Shopify default features, such as customizable content sections on the homepage, free theme updates, mobile-friendly design, and styles and color pallets. 

This theme also allows you to add a video to your homepage, which can do wonders for boosting leads and sales in ecommerce. It also allows users to zoom in on product images and add notes to their shopping cart page.

5. Empire

This theme was developed to help companies with large product catalogs. Inspired by Amazon, the Empire theme is optimized to provide the most conversions possible for your online store.

The theme also offers navigation and filtering that is second to none. Customers can easily find what they are looking for, discover new products, and quickly complete the checkout process. Empire is also highly customizable. 

You can tailor the design, add visual storytelling, and access many unique marketing tools. 

6. Belle

If you want the cleanest online store possible — something that is fast and light — consider the Belle Shopify theme. This top-rated theme comes with a beautiful and easy-to-use design. Its flexibility makes it an excellent option for a range of businesses.

The simplicity of this theme combined with plenty of attractive features makes your store shine among the competition. AdornThemes created Belle, and it is clear that they considered every detail to provide an excellent all-around solution for ecommerce.

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7. Handy

If you want to create a handmade online shop or marketplace, it’s hard to beat the Handy theme. This stylish, responsive, and easy-to-use theme will provide everything you need to start quickly.

It has a unique layout configuration that includes custom layouts, a mega-menu, video slideshow capability, and many other features. 

This Shopify theme lets you set any colors and fonts your want for your website, so you can make your store stand out from the crowd.

8. Everest

For ecommerce businesses that fall into high-end jewelry, fashion, accessories, or similar categories, Everest could be the ideal solution. This multipurpose Shopify theme is incredibly responsive and offers eight different homepage layouts. 

The advanced admin panel lets you choose between many customization features, and you can highlight your products using the built-in slider. And you can easily optimize your site for SEO.

Everest comes with a newsletter pop-up, related products, cross-sale sliders, quick view, zoom, and mega-menus. And you can help your Everest site shine via a parallax effect widget, best-sellers, and custom labels.

9. Fashe

One of the best Shopify themes in terms of versatility is Fashe. Developed by Colorlib, this theme excels in its minimalist design and can serve as the perfect theme for almost any category, from electronics to outdoors to restaurants.

Some business owners might see Fashe as too simplistic, so it depends on your preferences and goals. Know that you can customize your site to make it stand out and attract customers without spending a lot of money. The best approach is to test the Fashe theme out to see what you can do with it; it can be easier to add to a minimalist theme than figure out what to remove from a more complicated one.

10. Brooklyn

Shopify created Brooklyn itself. This mobile-first responsive theme was designed to optimize navigation for mobile users. It tends to work best for online stores with a smaller product catalog; this theme probably won’t meet your needs if you have a large inventory.

You can showcase product images with Brooklyn through the eye-catching top fullscreen slideshow. If your primary focus is online shoppers who use their mobile devices, this is a theme work checking out. 

11. Maxmin

This is one of the top-selling Shopify dropshipping themes available. Maxmin is great for selling various products, such as cosmetics, jewelry, fashion, and electronics. It offers a sleek, simple, and modern design that is sure to attract a swathe of potential customers.

If you choose this theme, you will get four fully customizable demos. It also comes with clear documentation that is easy to follow, and if you want to increase the visibility of an extensive product catalog, this theme will do the trick. 

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12. Drexel

Drexel is another theme known for its clean, minimalist design. But it also comes with plenty of powerful features. It offers superb flexibility for beginner and experienced web developers, and it provides many different styles, layouts, and headers. You can easily create product pages sell promotions, and landing pages with the Drexel theme. 

13. Material

This is another theme that can allow almost any ecommerce entrepreneur to build an online store quickly. The multi-purpose Material has an oversized menu and advanced filter module that lets customers organize product searches by size, color, and price. It also has plenty of impressive features and is as easy to use as you would expect from Shopify. 

14. Pacific

Pacific is one of the premium Shopify themes renowned for its world-class navigation. The multi-column with product images and site-wide promo tiles, among other features, allows for easy product discovery. 

The theme’s customizable features help position your company to expand its product catalog and scale over time. You also might like the custom homepage modules!

15. Vogue

This theme is known for its lookbook features, which put product collections in an editorial-style spread. It offers full-width and grid-style layouts, a continuous product scroll, and a user-friendly sidebar menu. The Vogue theme is also optimized to showcase high-resolution product photos. 

Are All Shopify Themes Optimized for Mobile?

Every available Shopify theme is somewhat mobile-friendly. However, some themes come with a mobile-first design, making them ideal for mobile users. 

Along with some of the themes listed above, here are a few others to consider if you are trying to attract mobile-centric customers:

  • Emigo
  • Nautica
  • Wokiee
  • Gemini
  • Active

Can I Alter My Shopify Theme Later On?

Most beginners begin with a default Shopify theme. While this is an excellent way to launch an attractive online store, it will make it challenging to stand out from the crowd. Eventually, you will likely want to change your theme as your company grows.

Fortunately, there are plenty of paid and free Shopify themes, and you can change them at any time. However, you will want to make sure you make a backup copy of the theme before switching over to avoid losing any critical content.

The Bottom Line

If you want to create an online store or upgrade your existing one, choosing a suitable theme is critical. And with thousands of options, picking a single theme for building your store can be a daunting task. 

Don't stress out. Look into the themes above to see if any of them offer the design and features necessary for you to create the store you envision. 

And if you need an app that helps you obtain better data, increase your ROAs, and boost your bottom line, turn to Triple Whale!

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