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TikTok Analytics: The Ultimate Guide (2023)

TikTok Analytics: The Ultimate Guide (2023)

Last Updated:  
March 18, 2024

It’s 2023, and TikTok is the perfect avenue to discover, create and share your content. Advertisers now have the ability to target over 1 billion active users on the social platform.

The question is, how do you gauge success if you're a business on TikTok? Do you just look at likes, comments, and number of shares? Do you prioritize user engagement? What are the metrics you should be looking at, and where do you find them?

Let's take a look at how TikTok analytics works, and learn how to track the right metrics (the ones that will help you devise an optimized and fruitful TikTok marketing strategy for your business. 

What is TikTok analytics? 

TikTok's nascent analytics tool is an in-app feature that allows you to understand your follower count, measure video views, and keep track of the number of likes. It also gets you access to a whole host of other useful first party data that influences your popularity on TikTok. 

Who can look at TikTok analytics? 

Any TikTok Business account owner has the ability to access and analyze TikTok's in-app analytics tool. Businesses can also use TikTok's free creative tools to help come up with new content for their audience. To view your analytics, do the following:

- Head to your profile
- Tap the three dots
- Choose “Creator tools"
- Select ‚ÄúAnalytics‚ÄĚ

How to access TikTok analytics 

If you're a business owner or social media manager, the best way to start here is by converting your account to a TikTok Pro account. The migration is free, and once done, you can set up your profile with ease. 

Remember, changing from basic to Pro is free, and you can choose whether to set your profile as a creator or a business. Follow these steps to set up your profile and access TikTok analytics.

  • Log into your profile page¬†
  • Use the hamburger menu on the right top corner to access the settings and privacy tab
  • Tap manage account
  • Scroll and select Account control
  • Choose the option to Switch to Business Account¬†
  • Fill out the necessary details
  • Press Done to migrate your account to the Business account

TikTok account overview analytics 

The Overview tab is the first tab you see when you log into TikTok analytics. Here you'll see a seven-day view capturing the following data:

  • The number of views on all content posted within the last seven days.¬†
  • Metrics showing the increase or decrease of views.¬†
  • Your total number of followers.
  • Statistics on how many followers you have gained or lost.¬†
  • Number of users visiting your profile and whether that number has gone up or down.

PS: In the Overview tab, you can adjust the data collection days from the last seven days to twenty-eight or sixty days. You can also enter a custom date range. 

The idea here is to use these metrics to gauge how your content is being received. You can and should also use this data to know which content your viewers are engaging with. One piece of content hot? Try using it in ad creative, or using it to inform future content production.

Video Views 

This tab gives you the number of views for the last 7, 28, 60, or the custom number of days you set.

Profile views 

This tab gives you the number of profile views received in a given period. This is a pretty essential metric for understanding the impact of the story your brand is telling on the platform over time.

The Followers report

The Followers tab within your TikTok analytics dashboard will help you discover more about your audience. Here's you glean insights about your users' interests and demographics, that you can use to inform your content and advertising strategy. 

Followers: Gather the data displayed here to customize content for different genders, age sets, etc.  

Growth rate: Helps help you gauge whether your profile is attracting more users or losing more users over time.

Follower activities: Gives you the number of hours your viewers have clocked in and the number of days that get a high number of views. 

Top territories: Use this metric to determine the number of viewers by country. This is a great metric to help localize content and ads. 

Videos your followers watched: Use this metric to understand which content attracts the most users/views. We love to camp out on this tab and use it as a guide for creating fresh content ideas. 

Sounds your followers listened to: audio tracks play a huge role in promoting content views. Keep tabs on the popular sounds your users listen to and include them in your videos. 

TikTok content analytics 

The Content tab in the middle-top of the screen stores data from all posts published in the last 7, 28, 60, or custom amount of days.

This tab captures the following data:

- Video posts: the total number of videos you uploaded. 
- Trending:
the number of trending videos from your profile. 

TikTok analytics for individual posts 

This tab shows you the analytics of every post. It captures the following:

  • The number of comments¬†
  • The number of likes¬†
  • The number of shares¬†
  • The number of plays¬†

Use the menu at the bottom right-hand corner to access this segment. 

Other TikTok Metrics

Here are some other metrics you'll find in the Analytics tab that you should be aware of.

Total likes: The number of likes you get for all your content.

Hashtag views: The number of views your post with a hashtag gathers. Use discovery to key in a specific hashtag, and the results will reveal the related hashtags, the number of views, and the most viewed video posts with the same hashtag. 

Total engagement rate: To calculate the total engagement rates on TikTok, you can use either of these two formulas: 

- Formula One: (Number of likes + Number of shares + Number of Comments) / Number of Followers * 100 
- Formula Two: (Number of likes + Number of comments) / (Number of Followers) * 100

Because Comments and Likes are accessible in the Analytics tab, you can easily compare your metrics with other users.

Using Triple Whale for TikTok Analytics

We're proud to offer TikTok as one of our many integrations, and we're even prouder to save TikTok advertisers a ton of time and money that they would have otherwise spent manually reviewing user reports to create campaigns and make budget decisions. 

Triple Whale gives TikTok advertisers real-time data that they can leverage anywhere through a customizable dashboard and mobile app. Our platform allows you to track the first-party data, then use that data to make better advertising decisions. Some of our features include: 

Summary page: The summary page functions appear in a single dashboard. The setup helps you make crucial decisions by viewing a wide variety of  metrics on a single page, including true ROAS and blended store ROAS, Sales and Revenue per Session, Net Profit, and much, much more.

3 AOVs

Triple Whale gives you three ways to look at your AOV to best understand customer purchase behavior: mean, median, and mode. Use the mean (average) as the baseline, the median as the center of the data set, and the mode to best predict the purchase value of your prospecting ads.


Drill down into your data to track and forecast customer spending habits. Filter by product SKU, discount code, referring site, or campaign to view historical trends and averages over the last 3, 6, and 12 months.

1st-Party, Server-Side Pixel

Our proprietary server-side Triple Pixel directly tracks first-party customer purchase data down to the ad level, giving you immediate clarity around where shoppers are coming from, what products they’re buying, and how you can better market to them in the future.

Creative Cockpit

Creative Cockpit visualizes our best-in-class attribution data down to the copy and creative level, so your team can focus on creating based on the most accurate buyer behavior possible.

Affluencer Hub

Track and manage all your TikTok influencer and affiliate campaigns in one central operating system.

Having real-time data on your customers' exact behavior at every step in the purchasing process will help you create a more informed TikTok ad strategy.

Are you an advertiser or business owner looking to level up your TikTok marketing strategy? Try Triple Whale today.

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