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Taboola x Triple Whale for Advertising Insights

Taboola x Triple Whale for Advertising Insights


As a DTC business owner or marketer, you might seek a method for reaching customers that cuts through all of the noise. The internet is a busy place, and to run successful ads, they need to be relevant and highly-targeted ones that land with the consumer you’re trying to reach. 

Taboola is the world’s largest discovery platform, and through exclusive partnerships with several of the world’s top publishers, they serve 360 billion content recommendations to over one billion people across the web each month. You can spot Taboola feeds on sites like Bild, Bloomberg, NBC News, Le Figaro, and The Weather Channel, amongst others. 

Taboola helps thousands of advertisers reach their preferred audiences with compelling native ads in a brand-safe environment through the use of massive scale, unique content consumption data, and world-class AI technology. When consumers are in ‘discovery mode’ and are most open to discovering something new, Taboola shows them your content or product to increase awareness and drive those online purchases. 

Behind Taboola’s platform is a Deep Learning technology that uses unique data about people’s interests and information consumption to ensure the right content is shown to the right customer at the right time. Whenever a campaign is launched with Taboola, their algorithm analyzes the content and extracts a large number of “signals” that help the technology match it to people who are most likely to engage with the content. With time, the algorithm only gets better at determining which consumers are most likely to engage with your content based on reading preferences, browsing history, device, location, time of day, and more.

Taboola x Triple Whale

By integrating Triple Whale’s first-party data and Taboola’s extensive ad metrics, you can gain unparalleled visibility into your marketing efforts. It’s all about connecting the dots between ad spend and actual sales, ensuring every decision is data-driven.

Ecommerce brands can leverage this integration to:

  1. Optimize ad spend: identify underperforming ads and reallocate budgets to high-ROI campaigns
  2. Enhance customer acquisition: utilize insights on new customer ROAS to refine targeting strategies and attract valuable leads
  3. Maximize profitability: analyze true profit metrics to understand the direct impact of ad campaigns on your bottom line.

The key metrics available in the Pixel Taboola Dashboard include: 

  • Spend: total investment in Taboola campaigns
  • ROAS (Return on Ad Spend): Measures the gross revenue generated for every dollar spent on advertising
  • Viewable CTR (Click-through rate): Number of clicks divided by viewable impressions
  • Conversion Value: The total revenue generated from conversions
  • CPA (Cost Per Acquisition): The average cost to acquire a customer through your Taboola campaigns

How to Set Up Your Taboola Integration with Triple Whale

To set up the Taboola integration with Triple Whale, visit Settings then Integrations. Find Taboola from the list and select “Connect Provider”. After a redirection to Taboola, follow the authorization flow to connect your Taboola account. Afterwards, set up the Pixel Taboola dashboard to monitor your Taboola metrics directly inside Triple Whale. 

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