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Okendo x Triple Whale for Customer Marketing Insights

Okendo x Triple Whale for Customer Marketing Insights

Last Updated:  
May 29, 2024

In the wildly competitive world of direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales, social proof (or positive customer reviews) can be the reason customers decide to make a purchase. In fact, 95% of consumers believe reviews are important when making a purchase decision. 

A review platform is an essential part of the online store experience, and a product page that lacks real customer reviews may appear less trustworthy to a savvy consumer. Shopping online can be risky, and without the ability to hold a product in your hands, customer reviews give the buyer a bit more confidence in their decision. 

Okendo is the customer marketing platform that helps you drive revenue by turning shoppers into Superfans. Okendo makes it possible to display high-impact social proof with Reviews, acquire more customers using Referrals, collect continuous customer insights with Surveys, drive more conversions with Quizzes, and increase retention with Loyalty efforts. 

By covering the entire buying journey from first-touch to loyal customer, Okendo empowers you to build stronger and longer lasting customer relationships to accelerate business growth. 

Introducing the Okendo x Triple Whale integration, where a powerful combination of zero and first-party data from Triple Whale with Okendo’s customer marketing platform metrics can allow brands to leverage customer feedback with detailed analytics. Here’s how this integration can benefit businesses:

  1. Enhanced Data Insights: By combining Okendo’s rich customer reviews data with Triple Whale’s comprehensive analytics, businesses can gain deeper insights into customer behavior and preferences. This allows for more precise targeting and personalized marketing strategies.
  2. Improved Marketing Performance: Businesses can track the impact of customer reviews on marketing efforts and understand how reviews influence conversion rates, customer acquisition costs, and overall sales performance.
  3. Comprehensive Metrics Monitoring: The integration allows a business to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) across both platforms in a unified dashboard. This enables them to keep a pulse on customer sentiment and marketing effectiveness simultaneously.
  4. Optimized Ad Spend: Use Triple Whale’s analytics to optimize ad spend based on the performance data of products with high customer ratings and reviews from Okendo. This ensures that marketing budgets are allocated efficiently to the best-performing products.
  5. Seamless User Experience: Maintain a seamless user experience on ecommerce sites by leveraging Okendo’s fast-loading review widgets and Triple Whale’s real-time data integration. This ensures that the website performance remains optimal, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Integrating Okendo with Triple Whale equips ecommerce businesses with the tools needed to drive growth through data-driven decisions and robust customer feedback management. This powerful combination helps brands build trust, improve customer experiences, and maximize marketing ROI.

The Okendo x Triple Whale Integration includes the following metrics:

  • Recommended Count: Number of customers who would recommend a product from your store
  • Average Rating: The average overall review rating of all products in your store with at least one review
  • Reviews Count: The number of reviews your store has received in the selected date range
  • % Recommended: The number of customers who would recommend your products / total number of reviewers
  • Rating Distribution: How many customers have rated a product in your store per rating
  • Review Sentiment Analysis (provided by Okendo): Okendo uses natural language processing to analyze the language in a review. By applying this analysis, the Sentiment report shows how many reviews had positive, negative, mixed, or neutral language contained within them. Read more about sentiment analysis, here.
  • Review Count and Average Rating per Product: In this analysis, you can drill down into the rating of any single one of your products or easily keep a running list of your top 20 best sellers and their customer rating.

How to Set Up Your Okendo Integration with Triple Whale

To set up the Okendo integration with Triple Whale, visit Settings then Integrations. Find Okendo from the list and select “Connect Provider.” After a redirect to Okendo, follow the authorization flow to connect your Okendo account. Then set up the Pixel Okendo dashboard to monitor your Okendo metrics directly inside Triple Whale. 

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