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MNTN x Triple Whale for Connected TV Ad Performance Insights

MNTN x Triple Whale for Connected TV Ad Performance Insights


The rise of Connected TV (CTV) has forever changed the way people watch television — and the way we reach our ideal customers with advertisements needs to change with it. That’s why Triple Whale is excited to now offer MNTN Connected TV advertising performance insights, right in your Triple Whale dashboard.

We’ll explain how to access this benefit in a moment. But before we do, here's why this integration matters.

Potential customers are spending a great deal of time streaming content on televisions and other devices. In fact, according to an analysis of recent findings from eMarketer and Pew Research Center, more US adults use CTV (72%) than Meta (68%), and they spend 3x more time watching CTV than using Meta platforms. This makes CTV advertising a must-have for reaching and converting customers.

Connected TV (CTV) advertising opens doors to a personalized and interactive experience for viewers. By utilizing Smart TVs, devices like Roku, Apple TV, or even game consoles, advertisers can reach specific demographics with unprecedented accuracy. From real-time bidding to trackable metrics and tailored content, CTV advertising revolutionizes the way businesses approach their marketing campaigns.

When you work with a partner like MNTN, here are some benefits of CTV advertising you can expect:

  • Precision Audience-Based Targeting: ability to reach specific consumers based on their interests, behaviors, and demographics to enhance the relevance of delivered ads
  • Hyper-Localized, IP-Based Targeting: deliver the most personalized and relevant ads to specific geographical areas
  • High Video Completion Rates: users are generally more engaged in the content and less likely to skip/close ads when watching TV content compared to other digital platforms
  • Accurate, Real-Time Measurement and Attribution: a near real-time update on metrics like ROAS, revenue, website visits, and more makes it an effective performance channel for marketers looking to iterate and improve on-the-fly
  • Automated Campaign Optimization: ability to set performance-driven, automated optimization that will balance ad spend and goals

MNTN x Triple Whale 

When you integrate your MNTN data with Triple Whale’s first- and zero-party data, you can dissect ad performance a little more granularly with the insights needed to refine and elevate your advertising game. 

Brands can utilize the MNTN x Triple Whale Integration for:

  1. Performance Tracking: keep a pulse on your advertising performance with hourly updates on spend and ROAS, enabling swift strategy pivots.
  2. Efficiency Analysis: Sharpen your budgeting sword by analyzing CPA and CPV, ensuring every dollar is spent wisely for maximum impact.
  3. Conversion Insights: Delve into your conversion rate and AOV to craft campaigns that resonate, driving both efficiency and effectiveness.

The key metrics available in the Pixel MNTN Dashboard include:

  • Spend: Total amount spent on MNTN advertising.
  • ROAS: Return on Ad Spend, a measure of advertising effectiveness.
  • CPA: Cost Per Acquisition, the cost to acquire a new customer.
  • CPV: Cost Per Visit, the cost to bring a visitor to your site.
  • Conversion Rate: Percentage of visits that result in a conversion.

How to Set Up Your MNTN Integration with Triple Whale

To set up the MNTN integration with Triple Whale, visit Settings then Integrations. Find MNTN from the list and select “Connect Provider.” After a redirect to MNTN, follow the authorization flow to connect your MNTN account. Then set up the Pixel MNTN dashboard to monitor your MNTN metrics directly inside Triple Whale.

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