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Gorgias x Triple Whale for Customer Service Insights

Gorgias x Triple Whale for Customer Service Insights

As your ecommerce site grows, so does the amount of customer interactions you can expect to have. What was once one or two peoples’ jobs can suddenly feel overwhelming, with more responses required than one human can physically have time to respond to.

Gorgias is a CX automation tool that will centralize and assist with all the customer questions, and on top of it, they also have a powerful tool that can convert your customer service into a revenue driver. Used daily by over 14,000 DTC brands who were previously drowning in support tasks, Gorgias allows customers to reach resolutions quicker with AI-fueled customer service solutions for Shopify stores. 

Gorgias goes beyond customer experience by providing a revenue-boosting tool that enables brands to create a seamless shopping experience. It allows brands to launch onsite campaigns designed to proactively engage customers at key moments, assisting them throughout their shopping journey.

With Gorgias’s Triple Whale integration, you can view your high-level CS metrics from Gorgias alongside your most important business metrics. Centralizing your data will save you time, so you can track your total number of tickets, average response time, and average resolution time right in Triple Whale.  

The Gorgias metrics available in the Pixel Gorgias Dashboard include: 

  • Average Ticket Resolution Time
  • Average Messages Per Ticket
  • Average First Response Time
  • Average Survey Score
  • Tickets Created, Tickets Replied, Messages Sent, Messages Received, Opened Tickets at the end of period
  • Created Tickets and Closed Tickets
  • Attributed Orders and Attributed Orders Value
  • Agent Performance
  • Average Messages per Ticket vs Ticket score

Incorporating Attribution with Gorgias Convert

Have you tried Gorgias Convert yet? Huge news: Triple Whale can now automatically track and attribute purchases, conversion value, AOV, and sessions from all Gorgias Convert campaigns using Pixel. That means you can view your KPIs on the Pixel pages and view metrics using Triple Whale’s 7 attribution models. 

If you’re unsure about what Gorgias Convert is, it's a powerful marketing tool that enhances the shopping experience with personalized recommendations, educational content, and strategic cross-selling without being disruptive. Since it’s integrated with chat, it offers two advantages:

  • Shoppers can engage with your campaigns, facilitating conversations that drive real-time assistance and lead to sales.
  • Brands can use past customer tickets to proactively address common questions and provide crucial information. This helps campaigns surface FAQs and key details before customers ask, reducing doubt and returns while boosting trust.

Pair Triple Whale’s newest integration/AI-powered dashboard with Convert campaigns and you have a winning formula.

With Triple Whale's integration, brands are now able to assess cross-channel campaign performance in a centralized place, which helps them form strategies for delivering a cohesive, unified experience for customers both on and offsite. 

Convert customers have seen an impressive 40x ROI, reducing customer acquisition costs and driving tangible results. This winning combination empowers brands to optimize campaigns and fuel profitable growth.

How to Set Up Your Gorgias Integration with Triple Whale

To set up the Gorgias integration with Triple Whale, visit Settings then Integrations. Find Gorgias from the list and select “Connect Provider”. After a redirection to Gorgias, follow the authorization flow to connect your Gorgias account. Afterwards, set up the Pixel Gorgias dashboard to monitor your Gorgias metrics directly inside Triple Whale. 

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