We analyzed $1B+ in BFCM sales data from 11K+ shops. How do you stack up?

Shopify merchants made over $9.3B this BFCM. Triple Whale saw more than 10% of it 🤯.

So we put together a deep dive on all the sales and marketing data we tracked, compared them to 2022, and packaged it up just for you.

With comprehensive metrics aggregated from 10.8M orders, you can benchmark your performance and read insider tips to start planning for 2024. The guide is broken into six sections (aggregate, <$1M, $1-5M, $5-10M, $10-50M, $50M+) and provides insights on:
• Budget breakdown
• % of purchases by channel
• % of revenue
• Post-Purchase Survey data
And more!

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Centralize your entire eCommerce stack
into a single platform.

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"Triple Whale puts the trust and confidence back into where you’re spending your money and how it's coming back to you. Straight up, you gotta use it. I'm dead serious. I love it."

Matt Fey, Marketing Manager
Portland Leather Goods

“@triplewhale allows to dive into the dashboard with ease. Not that suffocation. No more drowning”

Qash, Ecom Warrior

"Having the dashboards all in one place is a phenomenal thing to see, an overarching view of the health of our advertising makes our life a lot easier.”

Matt Fey, Portland Leather Goods

"As an agency owner, there is one tool that we require all of our clients to use, and that's because if you run an agency, you know that it's really hard to have all your data in one place and constantly know what is going on in each account. And that's why we use Triple Whale. Not only does it allow me to quickly be able to see how each of our accounts are doing, but also makes finding opportunities and capitalizing on those opportunities much easier than doing it manually."

Brad Ploch, WRK

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