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Ecommerce Operations for Scaling Brands

Marketers aren’t always the best operators. Operators aren’t the best marketers. Triple Whale’s Operations helps the front and the back ends of your business speak the same language.
Get a glimpse of the future, powered by data science
AI-powered predictions, seasonally adjusted and tailor made for your business:
• Revenue by channel and customer cohort
• Marketing efficiency and ad spend
• Product level sales by revenue and units
• Inventory by product and SKU
• Overall order volume
Product Analytics
Maximize the value of your products
Get a comprehensive understanding of product-level performance to make data-driven decisions with ease.

Product Analytics connects products to ads, allowing you to dig into marketing metrics on the product or variant level. Understand the out-of-stock date, contribution margin, and return rate to optimize ad spend.  
Organize your team’s budgets and goals
• Hands down the easiest way for DTC teams to document sales & efficiency targets
• Built-in year over year comparison for all variables
• Version control for planning alternative scenarios
Product Journeys
Guide the next product purchases
Visualize how customers move through your store.

Analyze their journey through your product catalog to optimize related or suggested products on your website. View how product interests develop over time.
See how much stock is required to support your plan
• Enter your lead times and minimum order quantities
• We’ll tell you how much additional stock is required to support your plan
• Make informed decisions about when and how much to reorder
Cart Analysis
Increase AOV with bundles, upsell, and cross sell
Understand which products are most frequently bought together to identify trends, patterns, and opportunities.

Improve product-targeted ad strategy, cross-sell recommended products at checkout, and dig deeper into the buying behavior.
Empower Your Team

“Cart Analysis is literally part of our strategy now. In our quarterly strategies, we typically talk about things like landing pages, creating bundles, just like…how to solve some of clients’ key issues. And one of them is always first time profitability. Triple Whale’s Cart Analysis has saved us massive amounts of time in testing dollars.”

Elijah Schneider, Founder & CEO, Modifly

“We use Product Analytics to find which products are really driving the most profit and place those into our longer running campaigns targeted towards new customers. That's been a great way to increase profit on ad spend.”

Daniel Kelly, Marketing Manager, Shine On

"One tool we rely on heavily is the product journey, which I truly cherish. With it, we understand customer purchasing behaviors. Take 'Brufostop,' for instance, which is our most crucial product. We've discerned the purchasing patterns that follow a Brufostop purchase, enabling us to fine-tune our email marketing strategies… This capability is truly remarkable. Through our email marketing, we've seen the benefits of interpreting this data and implementing it effectively."

Giacomo Imperiolini, Co-Founder & CFO, Eco Bio Boutique

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