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Marketing Max's Favorite DTC Data Platform

“Having been a user of Triple Whale from basically Day One, I can certainly say they are far more than just a "data attribution" tool. Many of the new products and features that they have introduced really prove they understand DTC growth better than any other DTC data platform in the game.

Particularly, their Creative Cockpit has been a game changer for our media buyers to figure out which ads are actually driving sales and their Affluencer Hub makes tracking influencer and affiliate revenue a breeze! They are the total package and worth 10X the price."
"Triple Whale is saving us countless hours of manually reviewing clients Shopify reports to make campaign and budget decisions. Excited to take our partnership to the next level through 2022."

"More than half of my clients trust Triple Whale for their data analytics, many of them for years now, for a good reason!

Triple Whale's features and products deliver never-before uncovered insights that help brands make decisions that actually move the needle in their store! Triple Whale is our go-to DTC data platform, easily."

Marketing Max
Oliver Hudson
Founder @ Soar With Us

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