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JordanĀ Platten's Must-Have Analytics Platform

Founder of, Affluent.Academy &, an e-commerce growth agency and two ed-tech businesses.

Jordan and his team have generated over $75 million in return on investment for a diverse variety of brands around the globe.
"Triple Whale is saving us countless hours of manually reviewing clients Shopify reports to make campaign and budget decisions. Excited to take our partnership to the next level through 2022."

ā€œTriple Whale is an integral part of our agency; in fact, we won't work with a brand who refuses to use it! It's intuitive user interface, power analytics and tracking make it a non-negotiable for both agencies and brand owners.

I'm proud to be both an investor and platinum partner."

JordanĀ Platten
Oliver Hudson
Founder @ Soar With Us

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