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At Triple Whale, we have one mission: help entrepreneurs and marketers create better businesses.

We champion the builders. The risk-takers. The ones making opportunities for themselves and the people around them.

That's why we're launching a streamlined version of the dashboard purpose-built to meet the needs of ecomm operators.

Internally, we're calling it Free Willy 🐳

It centralizes your Shopify, Google Ads, Meta Ads, and Klaviyo data, helping you keep an eye on performance across your most important channels and uncover actionable insights.

And it’s free. Forever.

Whether you're sitting at your computer or in the warehouse fulfilling orders, you’ll know what's going on across your sales and marketing ecosystem. It’s peace of mind that won’t cost you a penny.

Our first cohort will be limited to 1,000 stores.

Sign-up below and we’ll let you know when it’s ready.


AJ Orbach, Maxx Blank & Ivan Chernykh
Co-Founders @ Triple Whale
Shopify Metrics
Meta & Google Ads Metrics
Klaviyo Metrics
3 Months of Historical Data
Email & Slack Reports
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