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Brandon Amoroso's Must-Have Analytics Platform

Brandon Amoroso is the founder and President of Shopify Plus agency Electriq. He built the agency to oversee more than 55 brands and 45 team members in just three years before acquired it in April 2022.

Brandon's proven e-commerce strategies focus on increasing customer lifetime value and cultivating best-in-class consumer experiences. This model has successfully scaled early-stage start-ups, Fortune 1000 companies, and everything in between.

As a Gen Z entrepreneur, Brandon's business approach focuses on creating empowered and thriving teams as a key driver of business success. His entrepreneurial endeavors work to break the mold and create innovation for clients and their customers.
"Triple Whale is saving us countless hours of manually reviewing clients Shopify reports to make campaign and budget decisions. Excited to take our partnership to the next level through 2022."

“Triple Whale gives my clients a complete 360 view into our most impactful acquisition sources, while also providing a deep understanding of what creative is resonating on which platforms. This is a must have for any DTC brand serious about analytics and insights and looking to scale."

Brandon Amoroso
Oliver Hudson
Founder @ Soar With Us

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