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The AI Revolution & What It Means for Marketers in 2023

The AI Revolution & What It Means for Marketers in 2023

Last Updated:  
March 18, 2024

Welcome to The AI Revolution 🤖

The AI Revolution is here. And frankly, it's a lot to digest. This tweet from Marc Andreessen sums it up well:

Since the launch of ChatGPT, the AI buzz seems to be everywhere; there’s just no escaping it. And if you're like many, you’ve probably been thinking to yourself: “What the heck does all of this AI craziness really mean for me as a digital marketer?” You’re in the right place. We’re here to unpack it all.

It’s time to distill the noise, give you our market-scope view on what the AI revolution means for digital marketers, and walk through some of the top AI tools marketers are using today.

To kick it off, let's check out a few more of our favorite tweets on the topic, starting with this one from Santiago:

This is a good spot to acknowledge that there are a few schools of thought on this topic - some believe AI is “replacing” human capital, others see AI as a resource to support your team’s best & brightest. The team at Triple Whale is embracing the latter. We even have a slack channel called #ai-driven, where we share practical ideas for using AI to improve our daily work!

AI is a powerful tool for getting out of a creative rut, expanding on your own ideas, or simplifying the process of getting things done. In it’s current state, it’s just not powerful enough to replace the work of a human - so we encourage marketers to use AI as a resource, rather than see it as a threat to their roles.

Here’s another tweet from Marc Andreessen, showing how this school of thought could play out for individual contributors.

While we're at it, let’s include one final tweet that touches on AI in the frame of digital marketing.

We love this tweet from Ben, so we DM’d him to see if he was interested in contributing his thoughts to this guide. He was! You’ll be hearing more from Ben later on…but for background, Ben is a General Manager at Structured Agency. Structured is a highly-collaborative DTC digital marketing agency built by like-minded positive people with over 12+ years of experience.

So, what does Team Triple Whale think?

The best marketers will adapt and embrace the tech to become even better marketers. For marketers, AI will reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks, enhance marketers’ current capabilities, and ultimately increase the value they provide. Overall, we are optimistic that AI will be a positive thing for the future of digital marketing.

When we dug in with Ben, his perspective aligned with ours:

“AI is poised to revolutionize the digital marketing industry in the future, but it will also change the way marketers work. AI-driven technologies such as natural language processing and machine learning will automate repetitive and data-driven tasks, allowing marketers to focus on more strategic and creative work. However, marketers must upskill themselves to understand and utilize these technologies effectively and remain relevant in the industry. Overall, AI will bring a lot of efficiencies, but also will require marketers to adapt and take on new roles. Adapting to the current environment is the only way to grow and survive this ever-changing landscape.” - Ben Radack, GM, Structured

That last sentence really resonated with us. All of this AI craziness may seem like it just sprouted up overnight, but there's been a lot of slow build-up leading to this moment. The rate of advancement and the number of AI tools at one’s disposal will only continue to accelerate in pace.

So here’s our general AI pro tip:

Start early, find a few AI tools that interest you, and just have fun with them. Because the longer you wait, the harder it will be to catch up.


The Top AI Tools for Marketers in 2023 🛠️

The next big question: “What are some of the AI tools that I should look into?” Let’s walk through some of the top AI tools marketers are using today, and how you can incorporate them into your workflow.

Note, this won’t be a comprehensive list. At the end, we’ll include links to some of our favorite resources on this topic to keep you jamming.

Let's jump in.

AI Tool #1: ChatGPT

Starting it off with the big boy, ChatGPT. This tool alone can be pretty overwhelming — so we decided to ask the AI itself: “How can ChatGPT improve the skills of a marketer?”

Chef’s Kiss. A wonderful list from our brainy AI friend.

Looking at the listed suggestions, one that our team leverages is tinkering with ChatGPT for market research. Recently, we were working on refining some customer personas for Triple Whale, and we asked the AI questions like: “Describe a day in the life of an owner-operator of a Shopify business”, and “What are key success metrics of paid ads specialist?”, or even “What is the typical tech stack for the marketing director of a Shopify brand?”.

Not a foolproof or sole research method by any means. But the AI’s ability to save us some hours of Googling/compiling interview transcripts lends for a great foundation to inspire deeper digging.

One key to getting more value out of ChatGPT is providing it with a precise and effective prompt.

More on this from our friend Ben Radack:

“ChatGPT is incredibly useful for Facebook & TikTok marketers if you know how to write an effective prompt. For example, you can even use it to write scripts for TikTok ads. Start by feeding the AI as much information on TikTok ads as possible. Feed the beast! It’s always learning. Then write a clear prompt with the task, subject, and tone of voice. You can even include examples of good scripts!” - Ben Radack, GM, Structured

Here is an example of an effective ChatGPT prompt he shared via Twitter:

Honestly, we could talk about ChatGPT all day - but there are so many lesser known tools out there with pretty crazy firepower. We haven’t tried all of these ourselves, but they came on strong recommendation from other marketers we trust in the industry.

(Hot off the press, OpenAI has just released their highly anticipated GPT-4. You can find more information on the multimodal model here.)

AI Tools #2 + #3: Meta Advantage+ and Google Performance Max

You probably noticed that our trusty paid social platforms have started launching AI features of their own. The two biggies are Meta’s Advantage+  and Google’s Performance Max.

Ben has been exploring how AI can support media buyers and growth marketers in their roles by using these tools.

“Aside from Chat GPT, AI is making the role of a media buyer easier and easier. Facebook’s AI for example, is so good that you can run an Advantage plus campaign, upload your copy and images, and Facebook will create its own variations to target the correct audience. Machine learning is everywhere!” - Ben Radack, GM, Structured

Tools like these are often met with mixed opinions, as they take away some of the manual “control” from media buyers. While giving up control is hard, giving your strongest team members more time to focus on tasks better for their skill sets…? That’s something definitely worth exploring.

AI Tool #4: Jasper

Jasper is a comprehensive AI tool for all things writing and content generation. It’s widely regarded as a leader in the space. Jasper enables marketers to create higher-quality content, faster. If you’re new to Jasper, this product demo is a great place to start.

Jasper’s capabilities cover a wide range of content types including social, ads, articles, emails, and website copy. Using the tool is like working with a writing assistant that tackles many of the pain points in the creative writing process. The wide range of templates makes generating content FAST, and the ability to customize tone of voice is a game changer. Boss Mode is designed for teams that need to scale their content pipeline while ensuring their content is 100% original, grammatically correct, and SEO optimized. (They’ve integrated with platforms like  SurferSEO, Copyscape, and Grammarly to make sure you’re crushing it as hard as you can).  Interacting with Jasper just feels intuitive.

Need something rephrased? Just highlight your text and click the “rephrase” button. Or use voice mode to tell Jasper what you need as if it is your copywriting assistant.

Our only hesitation around Jasper? According to the product demo, Jasper was developed by scraping 10% of the internet as of 2019. For a company like Triple Whale, which was founded in 2021 after the launch of iOS 14.5 (released on April 26, 2021), 2019 feels like a long time ago. That statistic is definitely a concern for marketers looking to develop cutting-edge content based. But we’re optimistic it will evolve if it hasn’t already.

If Jasper sounds up your alley, you can also check out similar tools like: Copy.AI, Writer, and Writesonic.

AI Tool #5: Notion AI

For marketers and teams already using Notion, their new AI offers the perfect entry point into exploring intelligence tools.

Notion AI currently offers functions such as summarizing existing content, brainstorming ideas, writing rough drafts, correcting spelling and grammar, translating content, and more.

To get a better understanding of how marketers can leverage Notion AI's features, we asked Notion AI: "How can marketers use Notion AI to improve their content strategy?” Here’s what Notion had to say.

Notion AI can be used by marketers to improve their content strategy in a variety of ways. Its summarization feature can help marketers quickly generate summaries of existing content, while its brainstorming feature can help marketers come up with fresh ideas and angles for their content. Notion AI's writing feature can help marketers write rough drafts of their content and correct any spelling or grammar errors, while its translation feature can help marketers quickly and easily translate their content into multiple languages. All of these features can help marketers save time and effort, allowing them to focus on strategic, creative work. Additionally, Notion AI integrates with other tools like SurferSEO and Copyscape, allowing marketers to ensure their content is 100% original, SEO optimized, and of the highest quality.”

As avid users of Notion, the Triple Whale marketing team has started incorporate Notion AI into our daily workflows.

AI Tool #6: Google AI

This is a fun one: Google just announced a series of new AI features for both Google Workspace and their developer tools. The updates to Google Workspace resemble the features similar to those of Jasper and Notion AI, enabling users to collaborate with AI in real time to improve their writing productivity, adjust the tone, or shift the style of their text. According to Google, this is just the beginning - they plan to roll out new AI features every few weeks.

One of the coolest new features launched within Developer Tools is Vertex AI. In the example provided via Google’s announcement, Vertex was used to build an application that creates custom copy and images for marketing teams.

First, the user creates a custom language model for a specific category of information (ie. Healthy snacks). The language model is then powered with company documents written in a given brand voice, and the prompt is further synthesized to nail down a desired output. Check out the full video here.

While marketers likely wont be the ones building these models (unless you are a genius marketer-developer-superhero), the applications built with these models can be used to optimize campaigns and workflows.

Currently, these new features are only available to Google’s “Trusted Testers”, but are slotted for broader release in the near future.

AI Tool #7: MarketMuse

MarketMuse uses AI to optimize end-to-end content strategy. MarketMuse’s solution offers a range of products covering competitive content analysis, content clusters, content planning, keyword research, content briefs, and “optimize”, which measures content quality before publication.

If your marketing team values content as a core pillar of strategy, it makes sense to leverage AI to stay on top of the game. MarketMuse can be an extremely valuable tool to enhance and optimize  current content planning and strategy workflows.

AI Tool #8: Phrasee

Like Jasper and MarketMuse, Phrasee employs AI to improve your marketing content. Unlike those tools, Phrasee is focused on using its AI solution to generate, optimize, automate, and analyze your performance marketing messaging.

Phrasee is deigned to optimize at the intersection of marketing and sales. By analyzing your past messaging and brand guidelines, Phrasee ensures messaging always on brand. Phrasee specializes in email, push, web, SMS, and social channels. It also offers multiple integrations to connect AI generated content into your existing tech stack.

AI Tool #9: ElevenLabs

Eleven Labs is a Research lab exploring new frontiers of Voice AI. Their product gives marketers the ability to create top-quality spoken audio in any voice and style.

Product uses include Storytelling, News Articles, Newsletters & Blogs, Audiobooks and more. Intrigued? Check out this AI voice conversion demo by Eleven Labs.

Remember this ad from Triple Whale? This is just one example of how software like this can be leveraged by marketing teams today.

AI Tool #10: Chatbase

Chatbase gives marketers the ability to easily build AI chatbots trained on their data. It’s as simple as uploading a PDF, then getting a link to a GPT based chatbot that can answer any question covered in your document.

This tool can be a game changer when it comes to educating customers on how to use your product.

Chatbase makes it easy to create different chatbots powered by different data. Creating multiple chatbots can help marketers uniquely target different audiences to provide more personalized experiences, all while tracking user engagement and optimizing their chatbot’s performance along the way.

Chatbase has a great live demo, trained on a document explaining Chatbase. Thats pretty meta. We dig.

And of course, we’d be remiss not to share some of the AI heat we’ve been cooking up here at Triple Whale.

Triple Whale’s AI Products 🐳

The Team at Triple Whale has been cooking up some incredible AI tools to add to your marketing stack.

AI Ads Engine

We’re stoked about this one. The AI Ads Engine will help our merchants deploy new ads at lightning speed.

There are so many micro-challenges baked into creating high-converting ads: content sourcing, copywriting, deploying creative into ads, determining winning creative / ad combinations, and even image editing — just to name a few. Triple Whale’s AI Engine tackles all of this and more.

The creative hub gives users easy access into all of their previous ads, creative, and products while giving users the ability to create new copy with the power of AI. Users will also have the ability to edit images with AI generated backgrounds.

The Ad Builder gives users the ability to mix and match highest performing ad creatives and copy, allowing brands to customize each with the power of AI.

Wanna give it a shot? Join the waitlist

Smart Customer Data Platform

Triple Whale's Smart Customer Data Platform (SCDP) leverages all the data tracked from Shopify, Pixel tracking, and other integrated platforms. Each source offers distinct characteristics that can be used to create segments for marketing and reporting purposes.

Triple Whale's SCDP comes pre-loaded with 6 already built segments. These are Triple Whale’s own AI-powered RFM audiences. RFM stands for recency, frequency, and monetary value. Triple Whale examines all of your customers, from all time, and splits them into buckets based on RFM scoring. You can recognize these audiences since they have a small AI icon next to them.

Triple Whale’s RFM audiences are defined as follows:

  • Loyal = Customers who buy the most often from your store.
  • Core = Highly engaged customers who have bought most recently, the most often, and have generated the most revenue.
  • Newbies = First-time buyers on your site.
  • Whales = Customers who have generated the most revenue for your store.
  • Promising = Customers who return often, but do not spend a lot.
  • Lost = Customers who have made one purchase but have not been known to return.

All segments created in the SCDP can be analyzed using the tools in the Insights section of the dashboard. At the top of each page, you'll find a dropdown labeled "View For" that lists all your SCDP segments. This way, you can not only view the high-level reporting in the table on the SCDP page, but also do Cohort and LTV Analysis on a specific group of customers.

Users can take various actions on their audiences, such as syncing with Facebook, exporting a CSV, expanding, copying, renaming, and deleting.

Learn more about RFM Audiences & the Triple Whale SCDP, Here.


And last but definitely not least. Lighthouse. The codename for this project might have been “Project Mission Impossible”, but you didn't hear that from us.

The future is here. Triple Whale’s Lighthouse uses AI to detect anomalies, surface insights, and deliver tactical recommendations to make your store more profitable. Simply stated: it’s the smarter way to build your brand. Lighthouse shines a beacon on problems and opportunities in your marketing strategy, enabling you to take action with just one click, no matter where you are in Triple Whale (or the world).

Breaking it down, Lighthouse offers:

  1. Peace of Mind: Lighthouse works for you to ensure that the ads you are running will provide the highest ROI for your business.
  2. Time Savings for You and Your Business: Let Lighthouse scope around ads manager for you, so you can get back to the bigger projects - like building the strategy necessary to propel your business to the moon.
  3. Actionable Insights: Lighthouse translates complex data into clear, actionable insights, enabling you to make informed decisions that drive growth and maximize your brand's potential.

Ready to learn more about Lighthouse? Check out our blog on how Lighthouse Unveils the Future of Ecommerce Management.

Wrapping it All Up 🎁

Bringing it all together, we’d like emphasize our optimism for the future of digital marketing. AI won’t replace us, our roles will just evolve. The key will be embracing the change.

To close it out, here are some additional resources to explore on the world of AI & Marketing. Wishing you the best in automation-land!

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