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The Top 10 Facebook Analytics Tools For 2022

The Top 10 Facebook Analytics Tools For 2022

Last Updated:  
March 18, 2024

With 3 billion monthly active users, Facebook has proved an extremely lucrative platform for brands to expand their businesses. 

But while the opportunities for marketing and expansion are equal for all kinds of businesses, this makes the competition even more challenging. 

The best way to get ahead? Using a Facebook analytics tool to gather intelligent data that you can act on.

But which Facebook analytics tool will give you the best leg up on your competitors? 

In the next 7 minutes, we'll equip you with all you need to know about the top Facebook analytics tools available in the market. They will help you understand the Facebook insights and catch up with the social media trends. 

#1. Triple Whale

One of the most complicated parts of running a profitable business is keeping track of all the data and figures. However, with Triple Whale, you need not worry about flipping through tabs and connecting dots in your mind. 

Triple Whale does that for you with aninteractive dashboard that reflects all your data in one place. We also ease the process of sending reports by automating it.

The following are a few of the metrics that are displayed prominenty on the Triple Whale Summary page:

  • Net Profit
  • ROAS and blended store ROAS
  • Facebook Ad Spend and ROAS
  • CTR and AOV on your Facebook Analytics
  • Sales and Revenue per session

Let’s quickly skim through the above metrics and understand how Triple Whale can support and ease the workload on your marketing and analytics team, specifically as it relates to Facebook advertising.

  • ROAS or Return On Ad Spend. In simple terms, calculating ROAS helps you determine the relative return on investment of your advertising.
  • AOV or Average Order Value is an e-commerce metric that calculates the average value of each order that is placed over a defined period of time.
  • CLV or customer lifetime value is a metric that helps you understand how valuable and profitable a particular customer for your company is.

The above three metrics are central for Facebook analytics, and each dashboard is designed to be actionable.

Check out our pricing page for more info on our pricing plans.

#2. SocialPilot

SocialPolit helps you get a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of your marketing performance. It lets you schedule and discover the optimal content for your Facebook business page.

This tool provides a likes and dislikes graph, which gives you a clear picture of daily, weekly, and monthly audience engagement. You can also easily view and analyze the number of followers and their engagement with your post with the key metrics provided.

SocialPilot makes it possible to discover the influencers who can engage the audience. From here, you can easily weed out the campaigns and content that cause a decline in engagement.

SocialPilot is among the best Facebook analytics tools available for small businesses, coming in at $42.50/month.

#3. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo has already solidified its foundation in the marketing world and is known for its powerful content tracking function. Recently, they've also introduced a Facebook Page Analyzer.  

This tool scans the top-performing Facebook pages of your competitors and extracts a detailed report. From there, you can devise marketing strategies to beat them accordingly.

If you are skeptical about  BuzzSumo, check out the free version first. A few features are restricted, but if you want to upgrade, you can always do so later. The next tiers up are Pro ($99/month), Plus ($179/month), or Large ($299/month).

#4. Keyhole

The tool functions exactly as it sounds--stealthy, but for good reasons. 

Just as a literal keyhole can help you spy on people, Keyhole’s social listening, sentiment analysis, influencer monitoring, and social media analytics can help your brand strengthen your marketing strategy and stay ahead of your rivals.

It sounds surreptitious, and it is too, but it helps you to boost your brand exposure. 

Another great feature of Keyhole is its dashboard, which allows you create reports, view key metrics, and share them in real-time without hassle. 

Although Keyhole’s design is user-friendly, it does not show historical data, which is crucial for designing strategies.

One other major drawback is that the pricing is on the higher side, and its tracker is limited even with its highest-priced subscription.

#5. Grytics

Grytics is a solid tool for businesses that like to incorporate Facebook groups into their marketing strategy. It has specifically been designed for analyzing and optimizing Facebook groups' performances. 

Grytics is best for small-scale businesses. Considering many small businesses interact with their customers and sell their products through Facebook groups, Grytics aids them by easing the management process. Its group-centric features enable you to analyze group engagement through comments and likes. You can also analyze several Facebook groups at once. 

Although Grytics can seem complex for beginners, the ease with which it creates performance reports compensates for its complexity. 

The standard version for Grytics is available at $99/month, while its advanced version is available at $199/month. You also have the option to customize a plan according to your business’s requirements. 

#6. SocialBakers

SocialBakers makes the process of Facebook analysis and reporting easier. It helps you analyze a diverse range of media. From stories to videos as well as tracking hundreds of influencers, view it all within one single interactive dashboard. 

SocialBakers offer custom plans on request. It's relatively  expensive compared to other Facebook analytics tools on the market. You're also only allowed one account per client.

#7. Brand24

Brand24 is another stealthy tool that keeps  real-time track of your target audiences. 

Brand24 guarantees accurate analysis of your audience's behavior and helps you serve your audience exactly what they want. This helps improve your brand's performance in the social media space. 

Brand mentions are a key concept that Brand24 works on. Whenever and wherever your brand is mentioned in the social media sphere, you will get a notification and know all that is being said about your brand online.

Amp up your Facebook analytics with Triple Whale

Facebook analytic tools have become a necessity in the marketing ecosystem today. There are plenty of options available, but we have done the hard work of identifying the best among them.

Want to level up your Facebook performance? Give Triple Whale a try.

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