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Criteo x Triple Whale for Marketing Insights

Criteo x Triple Whale for Marketing Insights

Last Updated:  
May 1, 2024

Using data-driven technology, Criteo delivers targeted, relevant ads to consumers throughout the entire shopper journey—helping advertisers, retailers, and publishers activate and monetize audiences wherever shoppable moments happen. 

Across the open internet, Criteo enables advertisers to grow their audiences from acquisition through retention. They do this by utilizing the world’s largest commerce dataset on the open internet in combination with industry-leading AI and premium inventory! As the only unified platform that directly connects advertisers with retailers and publishers, Criteo drives commerce on the open internet. If you’re already advertising with Criteo, or planning to, this integration is for you. (Note: The Criteo integration is only available in the new, alpha version of Triple Whale. Contact our support team for access.)

With Criteo’s integration with Triple Whale, you can add Criteo UTMs to track using Triple Pixel and create a custom Pixel Criteo Dashboard to comprehensively monitor your ad performance. Integrating Criteo with Triple Whale helps simplify processes. Enhanced data paired with precise analysis, alongside the capability to chat with your data, elevates your operations to a new level of efficiency and effectiveness.

The Criteo metrics available in the Pixel Criteo Dashboard include:

  • Spend
  • ROAS
  • Displays
  • Conversions
  • Conversion Rate
  • Visits
  • Clicks
  • CPV
  • AOV
  • CPA
  • Conversion Value

How to Set Up Your Criteo Integration with Triple Whale

To set up the Criteo integration with Triple Whale, visit Settings then Integrations. Find Criteo from the list and select “Connect Provider”. After a redirection to Criteo, follow the authorization flow to connect your Criteo account. Afterwards, set up the Pixel Criteo dashboard to monitor your Criteo metrics directly inside Triple Whale. 

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