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1-800-D2C's Recommended Data Platform

"As an eCommerce founder and marketer myself, Triple Whale's platform has driven immense value to our business. I personally use the Triple Whale dashboard for real-time financial and business performance every single day.

I'm also a big fan of how easy you can visualize and manipulate your customer data - 60/90 day LTVs, product journeys, cohort analysis and more. Without a doubt, Triple Whale has helped our eCommerce business make better marketing decisions that positively impact our bottomline."
"Triple Whale is saving us countless hours of manually reviewing clients Shopify reports to make campaign and budget decisions. Excited to take our partnership to the next level through 2022."

"I love recommending Triple Whale to our community at 1-800-D2C. I've personally used the Triple Whale for my own DTC brand for almost 2 years. Not only have we uncovered new insights into our marketing performance, but we've found incredible unlocks in our customer data that has transformed our business."

RC Williams Co-Founder, CEO @ 1-800-D2C
Oliver Hudson
Founder @ Soar With Us

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