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The 10 Best Shopify Apps To Increase Sales

The 10 Best Shopify Apps To Increase Sales

Last Updated:  
March 18, 2024

There are over 7000 different apps available in the Shopify App store. Great! Now which ones will actually help you increase your sales?  Don’t sweat—we’ve got you! 

We scanned the web, asked around, and used our own experience to look at (almost) everything available out there. In the process, we’ve found that the “best” Shopify apps usually belong to one of a few categories: 

  • Getting traffic to your store
  • Adding product to cart
  • Getting more throughout checkout
  • Elevating post-purchase processes
  • Turning orders into repeat sales

Let’s dive into each of these critical categories, and talk about the apps that’ll help you print cash money from your Shopify store.  

Getting traffic to your store 


Before you can sell anything, you have to have the traffic coming to your store. It’s simple math. A + B can only equal C if  A and B are around to begin with. One of the fastest-growing segments of traffic acquisition is affiliate markting. Affiliates are similar to, but different from influencers, because while an influencer makes money just from the initial promotion, affiliates can earn more long-term gains by constantly driving sales.

That is where Dovetale comes in. The more affiliates you work with, the harder it is to keep track of them. And the more you grow, the more creators you’ll have knocking at your door wanting to rep your brand in their content. Dovetale makes it simple and seamless to launch and manage your affiliate partners without breaking a sweat. Get them to sign up, configure perks, manage payments, and make being an affiliate a delight for everyone involved. 

Triple Whale 

Whether you’re going the affiliate route or not, you still need to be driving traffic to your store in a profitable way. The question is: what areas are profitable, and what is a waste of your time and precious resources? 

That’s where Triple Whale comes in. Rather than relying on all of the different performance dashboards from Facebook, Google, Tiktok, etc., and trying to figure out how all the numbers work together by yourself, you can set up the Triple Pixel and look at all of that data in one place. 

No more guesswork. No more going-on-a-hunch-without-the-data-to-back-it-up. A real customer journey, tracking attribution, and engagement—all tied to bottom-line revenue. Triple Whale lets Shopify stores double down on the channels and campaigns that are performing best, and scale back the ones that need some revision.

Trust us: your bank account will thank you. Your brain will thank you. Get your attribution back to pre-iOS15 standards and get started with Triple Whale.

Adding product to cart

Angle 3D Configurator 

Some products are just more visual than others, and your customers want to see exactly what their order will look like when it gets to their door. Rather than taking dozens (or even hundreds) of product images for them to scroll through, why not look to the future with the magic of AR and VR? The Angle 3D configurator app lets you show shoppers exactly what their customizations will look like. Save yourself time, and save your customer service team a boatload of headaches. Customers won’t have to say, “I thought this would look different,” and ask for refunds or returns because they’ll have seen an identical rendering of how it will look. 

For certain products, you can even benefit from augmented reality too. Not only will they see what the order will look like, but they can see what it will look like in their living room or even on themselves. Thanks, science! 

Wide Bundles

Maybe your average order value is lower than you’d like, or you know that customers actually want to buy more than one thing, but your higher product cost is making that difficult. Look no further than Wide Bundles. You can replace the usual variants in your store and present them as bundles instead. That means you can do buy-one-get-one deals, quantity breaks, and more. 

The best part is, usually when you do bundles with Shopify apps, the cost of the bundle gets adjusted with the help of a discount code. That sounds great, except it means your customers can’t use any other discount codes with their order. With Wide Bundles, that issue gets avoided by its use of variant pricing, so your customers can get the awesome bundled pricing you want to offer and still get the discounts they expect. 

Get more throughout the checkout 

Shop Pay 

If you’re looking for ways to make the final push through the checkout even easier, Shop Pay is going to be your friend. Yes, it’s a Shopify-built app, but it is still one of the best Shopify apps to increase sales. One of the hardest things for shoppers to do is get out their credit card info and type in their shipping info again. That hassle makes it really easy to say, “I’ll just do this later”, but then never actually come back. 

By having a single account that works across any Shop Pay-enabled Shopify store, customers can move easily move through checkout with all the items in their cart. Payment information is saved for them, shipping info is saved for them—it’s honestly effortless if you’ve never experienced it yourself. Depending on your customer’s location, they can even take advantage of Shop Pay’s native “buy now, pay later” program to spread their purchase across a few weeks instead of all at once. It’s a well-supported, feature-rich app that can help make you even more money. 

Checkout Promotions 

If you think that after you’ve made the sale your job is done, you should think again. When customers place that order, their brains are wired to keep that dopamine train going. That means it’s your time to shine with post-purchase upsells, bundles, and add-ons. 

With Checkout Promotions, there’s a whole slew of different ways you can make the post-order screen a way to make even more money. Whether it’s post-purchase gifts to your loyal customers, free samples, or bundles, now is the ideal time for you to increase your average order value and make your customers’ orders even better than the ones they thought they were placing.

Elevate your post-purchase processes 

Enquire Post Purchase Surveys 

Immediately after the purchase is also a great time to get some high-value data from your customers. Google Analytics is great, but sometimes there are questions you want to ask that no analytics tool on its own can answer. 

With Enquire Post Purchase Surveys, you can get quick responses to questions like “How did you hear about us?” or “How was your experience?” The sky is the limit since you can customize your surveys to whatever you want. Then, you can feed those survey answers into the rest of your Shopify App stack to build better attribution models or even inform your customer support or dev teams about bugs and issues that pop up before it officially makes it to those teams. Then you can get ahead of the game to make the entire process better for your next customers and grease the wheel to more profits. 

Loop Returns

The best returns are the ones that aren’t returns, right? That’s basically the Loop Returns motto. Their goal is to help turn your returns process into a money-making center for your business by converting all of those returns into exchanges instead. Instead of going through the hassle of sending your customers their money back, make it easy for them to get the size or items they wanted in the first place. 

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The Loop experience is smooth for both brands and their customers. So smooth, there are even upsells during the exchange process—so you end up making even more money than if they had just unhappily kept the initial order in the first place. So they get more stuff, love your business, and you get increased sales, all thanks to your non-returns returns process. 

Turn orders into repeat sales 


So your customer is happy with what they ordered! Now what? Well, you’d better get them to leave a review, or else you’re leaving money on the table. Getting your customers to leave reviews helps you in a couple of ways. First, it helps make sure they’ll come back to buy from you again thanks to psychology—when we tell people we do something, we’re more likely to do it again—and secondly, it gives you valuable social proof to help attract even more shoppers!

With Junip, you get this all with a mobile-first mentality since that’s where the majority of reviews tend to happen. Not only that,  but you can collect photos or videos with reviews, easily integrate reviews with your other favorite apps, and connect to Google Shopping to get your ratings into Google searches, ads, and more. That means your orders today are helping you increase sales tomorrow, which is a win for everybody. 


When it's been weeks or months after the sale, it’s hard to believe that you’re going to do anything to bring that customer back except send them one marketing campaign after another, hoping that something sparks their interest. If you’re a CPG brand, though, you’ve just been going at your re-order mindset all wrong. Repeat will help make the repeat purchase experience for customers genuinely great. 

Hyper-personalized cart links show them which products they should be ready to reorder based on their past purchases. It’s all right there for them to rebuy, with upsells and cross-sells sprinkled in. It’s a process that should not be complicated, and Repeat makes it uncomplicated with the push of a button, whether it’s a well-crafted Klaviyo email, SMS, or QR code. Cha-ching! 

Wrapping up 

No matter what stage of building, launching, or scaling your Shopify store, you’re always going to be on the hunt for new apps. Apps that help with the backend, front-end, and all stages of the customer journey. Every single one of those apps should (in some form or another) increase your profits. Whether directly converting the sale, enabling retention, or making it easier to see what parts of the system are working well and what is broken.

The best Shopify apps to increase sales will look different for everybody, but here’s hoping some of these can help you along the way. 

And if you’re looking to level up your attribution efforts while driving more quality traffic to your online store, give Triple Whale a peak.   

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