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Google's Performance Max: The Next Big Thing For Ecommerce Brands

Google's Performance Max: The Next Big Thing For Ecommerce Brands

Last Updated:  
March 18, 2024

I was so skeptical when I first heard of performance max.

But to be honest, this changes everything for fledgling e-commerce brands in 2022.

What is Google's Performance Max?

Google Performance Max is a new family of ads that was made available on October 1st, 2019. It’s Google Ads’ latest attempt at improving IMC by bringing together all its IMC properties into one place with a single user interface (UI). This includes Search and Shopping, YouTube Ads, GDN Network Sites, and Gmail Ads — all under one umbrella called “Performance Max."

Google Performance Max is the next big thing. The platform is expected to be a game changer when it comes to e-commerce marketing, and it's already making waves in the industry.

Performance Max is a new way to manage your Google Ads campaigns. It’s a new way to manage performance and set up automated rules that help you get the most out of your budget, while providing an easier way for advertisers to view and optimize their account on their own.

How Does it Differ from previous properties on Google Ads?

Performance Max is a new platform that lets you bid on specific KPIs and compare your results against other brands. It's different from the other properties on Google Ads because it's based entirely on performance, rather than CPC or CPA bids. If you're trying to sell something with an expensive price tag, like cars or houses, this could be a very valuable tool for you—and one that will help you stand out from competitors who are just bidding to get more traffic.

Performance Max has some similarities with other platforms like Facebook Ads Manager (FAM) and Bing Ads: all three give advertisers more control over their ad campaigns by allowing them to set budgets and make adjustments according to specific events in real time. But FAM offers more advanced targeting options than Performance Max does; Bing offers less detailed reporting than Performance Max does; and neither of them can compare themselves directly with Google's data about which ads perform best for which audiences at any given time.

Facebook Marketers Will Love PMAX!

Facebook marketers will love PMAX... because it's set up in such a similar way to dynamic creative ads.

Input your 20 photos... 5 headlines, 5 descriptions, merchant center feed, youtube clips and you are off to the races!

You no longer need the technical skills... you need marketing skills!

What Should Brands Expect From Performance Max?

If you're looking to take your e-commerce business to the next level, this new platform is what you need. It's an evolution of the existing Google Ads platform, which has been around since 2003 and is responsible for billions in sales every year. In fact, it's a more advanced version of the Google Ads platform—it's better!

Yeah... But Aren't These All Just Branded Keywords?

Chances are, you already know what a branded keyword is.

But just in case: A branded keyword is any search term where the user’s intent is to find information about your brand or product.

When someone searches for “Little and Lively” or “The Kindred Studio”, they already know about your company...

Their intent is clear and straightforward: In other words, they want answers that will help them make a decision—and they're all but guaranteed not to convert on those searches unless they get exactly what they're looking for (more on this later).

What kinds of results are we seeing on Performance Max?

Our brands have seen their CPA's cut in 1/4 on performance max.

Our clients are getting similar results... it's kind of scary (in the best possible way)

In short, you should expect your website's conversion rates to go up when you use this tool.

Final Thoughts

Performance Max is a great new tool for e-commerce brands.

It's the equivalent of Facebook Ads in 2015--it'll be an essential part of your marketing strategy for years to come.

Performance Max is a great way to reach new customers who aren't yet familiar with your brand, or even the niche that you're selling in. This is especially true if you're trying to get into a market where there are already giant competitors who have built up solid reputations.

Performance Max is also a great way to get more conversions on your site by offering discounts and free shipping during certain times of year (like Black Friday), increasing signup rates through discounts/promotions on mobile devices only (because not everyone has time at work!), etcetera ad infinitum!


Google's Performance Max is set to be the next big thing for eCommerce brands.

It will definitely bring an increase in sales and conversions, but that's not all - it will also help you get better at running Facebook Ads. If you're looking to take advantage of this new platform but aren't sure where to start, our team at upGrowth Commerce would love to guide you through Google's Performance Max!

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