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12 Powerful Ways to Use Triple Whale for BFCM Success

Make sure you're getting the most out of Triple Whale this holiday season. We packaged precise instructions on how to use Triple Whale before, during, and after Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Triple Whale puts the trust and confidence back into where you’re spending your money and how it's coming back to you. Straight up, you gotta use it. I'm dead serious. I love it.

Matt Fey, Marketing Manager, Portland Leather Goods

Black Friday. Cyber Monday.

It’s coming. In fact… it’s a little too close for comfort. But don’t worry: Triple Whale’s got your back. This guide covers the best ways to capitalize on the year’s most important shopping holidays using your own data. You’ll learn how to use data to:

Prepare your store operations and advertising campaigns for an influx of orders
Manage and maintain campaigns during the holiday
Identify the levers to pull to keep raking in revenue into December and beyond

If you're serious about maximizing your sales during BFCM, you need to know how to use data to your advantage 🐳

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