6,000+ Ecommerce Brands Are Using Our AI to Grow. What Are You Waiting For?

Triple Whale is the AI platform for brands built on Shopify. Manage analytics, attribution, and creative from the palm of your hand. Book a demo to learn more today.
"Triple Whale is saving us countless hours of manually reviewing clients Shopify reports to make campaign and budget decisions. Excited to take our partnership to the next level through 2022."

“Triple Pixel allowed us to ramp up quickly because we understood where our marketing dollars were going. When we leaned into Triple Whale data instead of Facebook, we went from $90 CPA back down to $50.”

Ash Melwani

CMO and Co-Founder

Oliver Hudson
Founder @ Soar With Us
Trusted by over 6,000 stores


What can I do with Triple Whale?
  1. Determine which ad channels are driving the most incremental value to your business
  2. Scale your best performing ads and turn off your worst performing ads based on click data you can trust
  3. Test new channels with confidence knowing that clicks and share of sale are all being monitored on your behalf
  4. Compare Triple Whale attribution to platform attribution in one place (no more switching between tabs)
What makes Triple Pixel unique?

Unlike other in-platform or third-party tools that rely on modeled data and guesswork for attribution, Triple Whale uses our proprietary Triple Pixel to directly track first-party customer purchase data down to the ad level. By adding our unique server-side pixel to your ecommerce site, you’ll gain immediate clarity around where shoppers are coming from, what products they’re buying, and how you can better market to them in the future.

How long does it take to get set up?

Most Shopify stores are up and running with Triple Whale in around 15 minutes, with no engineer required. Follow our simple step-by-step guide and don’t hesitate to reach out to our live chat customer support with any questions.

How does your pricing work?

All pricing options are based on your ecommerce store’s annual revenue. No matter the size of your business, Triple Whale offers unlimited users and integrates with as many stores as needed. 

Check out our pricing page for a full rundown on our available plans.

Do you have a mobile app?

Yes! With Triple Whale’s gorgeous full-featured mobile apps for iOS and Android, you can access real-time performance data on the go, from anywhere in the world. No more staying tied up to your desk or lugging around heavy laptops to monitor your metrics. Just pure freedom.

How can I speak with someone from your sales team?

Our sales team is always happy to chat with you and run a demo, please book a time here.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Nope. We offer flexible month-to-month subscriptions. No contracts needed. For more details, visit our pricing page.

What apps do you integrate with?

We offer seamless integrations with all the critical components of your eComm marketing stack, including Facebook, Shopify, Klaviyo, TikTok, Google Analytics, Pinterest, Snapchat, EnquireLabs, Gorgias, and more.