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Real-Time Analytics for Ecommerce Leaders
Bring the metrics that matter most into one easy-to-use dashboard. Get the real-time insights you need to grow your brand.
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Visualize Performance Across Your Most Important Channels
Seamlessly integrate with your preferred ecommerce platforms and marketing channels to view all your metrics in one visual dashboard. Populate cross-channel blended metrics and track profitability using built-in formulas with 12-month lookback period.
Data for Everyone, Any Time, Any Where
Stay up-to-date on the go with Triple Whale’s mobile app. Get notified whenever your shop needs some extra, urgent attention.

Keep everyone in the loop with automated, custom reports sent directly to Slack or email. Highlight key metrics and keep your spend in-check.
Web Analytics Powered by Triple Pixel
Stop wasting hours configuring GA4 and constructing data silos. View your web analytics where you get your performance data, directly in Triple Whale.

Make better decisions with data that just makes sense. Access the metrics you need to holistically understand your customers' journey.
Collect Zero-Party Data with Post-Purchase Survey
Fill in the data gaps with zero-party data collected directly from your customers.

Make better decisions with data that just makes sense. Easily auto-install Triple Whale’s built-in Post-Purchase Survey tool to start getting the attribution information you need.
See How You Measure Up To Your Competitors
Benchmarking data with custom date ranges across 23 different industries.

Use benchmarking data to see how your spend and average order value compare to similar businesses in your industry. Drill down to the channel level to get valuable insights on how to direct your spend and align your KPIs.
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