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Activity Feed: The Live Ecom Log

Track all your latest activities from connected platforms, directly in a live log in Triple Whale. Access your Activity Feed from the Summary section of Triple Whale or from the Lighthouse sidebar. Create your own custom activities to track and visualize.

Select and visualize trends by metrics and activity to see how your budget or creative updates impact your ROAS and conversion values

Add your own activities
Customize the feed to your unique business
See how cross-platform activities impact spend, revenue, and more 

The Most Valuable Information For Your Business

 There are only 24 hours in a day and you’re only one person. Don’t worry, we got your back. Keep your team on top of every move you make with Triple Whale’s most recent features. 

See How You Stack Up with Benchmarks

Benchmarks are back and better than ever. See how you stack up against your direct competition, filtering by industry, average order value, and ad spend.

Industry & Metric Filtering
Marketing & Store Metrics
Real-Time Benchmarking Data

Track Inventory Connected to Ads

Stop showing ads with out-of-stock products. See the campaigns that are linked to low inventory directly from your Pixel page.

Optimize Ad Spend
Never get caught out of stock
Optimize your purchase orders

Get Peace of Mind With Anomaly Notifications

Get alerts from Triple Whale wherever you are. Enable push notifications from your browser or mobile app to stay on top of any anomaly alerts from Lighthouse. Bonus feature: enable email and slack notifications from Lighthouse, too. 

Mobile & Browser Notifications
Email Alerts
Slack Notifications
Coming Soon

Integrate with Microsoft Ads

Triple Whale now integrates Microsoft (formerly Bing) Ads. Hook up your account, set up UTMs, and you’re ready to go.

All performance metrics
Real-time reporting
Included in Pixel attribution

See Which of Your Products Share Cart Space with Basket Analysis

Insights is getting a shiny new pre-built report! View the top 10 combinations of products which most often share cart space in your store to improve ad strategy, product bundles, and promotions and recommendations. 

Coming Soon

 Upgrades To Your Favorite Features

We’re keeping it fresh and cutting-edge with requested updates to our core features. 

Visualize Monthly Cohort Analysis

Cohorts got a facelift. With easier color-coding to reveal insights, you can view how your monthly customer cohort AOV and create better marketing strategies around your existing audiences. 

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Drill Down into Customer Journeys

Customer Journeys got a major overhaul. Visualize up to 10 steps leading to a purchase from all sources (not just integrated channels), and drill down to the campaign level.

Coming Soon

Randomize Answers and Customize Placement

For greater data accuracy, Post-Purchase Survey answers are now randomized. For users not using Shopify’s native check-out, you can install the survey and customize the placement on the page. 

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Create Custom Metrics Using First-Party Data

The time has come: Triple Whale supports Custom Metrics using your first-party data from the Triple Pixel. Just like Custom Metrics in your Dashboard, select the metrics you’d like to blend, let Triple Whale do the math, and quickly add it to your columns on your Pixel pages. 

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Bug Fixes

Attribution Models:

Inclusions for all attribution models, including direct source.

Access to Pods View:

Access to Pods view after reactivating a store has been restored.

Auto-Append UTMs for Google Ads:

Automatic UTM appending feature has been fixed. 

 Filtering by Segment:

Issues when filtering metrics by segment has been resolved.

Summary Page Speed:

Issues loading metrics on the Summary page has been resolved. 

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