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Gain clarity like never before with consolidated financial data, real-time cash flow reporting, and accrual P&L designed to help brands built on Shopify operate smarter.

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A complete picture of your finances

FinHub gives you CFO level insight into the finance of your business, any time of day.

Integrate with your existing accounting system

Get real time analysis of your cash flow

Easily understand your profit & loss

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Sean Leakey
The Brow Balm

I Really like it. I was using an app called Lifetimely before that was similar, but it didn't do everything with Facebook ads, and we do a lot of Facebook ads, so I felt like Triple Whale was a little bit just a better fit.

Patrick Frank
Pool Punisher

I literally went to a financial modeling firm, showed them what you guys have, and I'm like, I bet you that these people will have this thing finished in the next 30 to 60 days, which is how long it's taken you guys to build an Excel spreadsheet.

Ama Amo-Agyei
Plant Made

I think it's just all about user experience because, like, I know you guys are going to build it, or you have built it to make me understand what's going on, where as, like, QuickBooks has just built it to make accountants understand what's going on.

Mark Ritz
Carnivore Snax

The UI is never an issue for you guys, man. So that's why I'm always so intrigued. It just so, like you guys say, so founder friendly. And so if we can get things configured right, for me, it's just going to be a much quicker, easier glance than going into what my CFO created, which is, again, all those sheets and tabs and all that stuff.

Cameron Faist
Aura Bora

I got excited about the Fintech(Fin Hub) tool because one of the things that we and I'm sure many other merchants are looking at as we go into this impending recession is really just the bottom line of our DTC business and being able to use integrations for a lot of automated pricing and PNL type of inputs, but also the ability to manually override some things.

Chris Meade

We have strict returns we are targeting on ad spend & we are able to use FinHub to quickly calculate our EBITDA on a monthly basis. FinHub allows CROSSNET to act smarter, stay leaner, and is the trusted partner our finance team needs to make accurate decisions to grow our business year over year.

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Chris Meade

Co-Founder, CROSSNET

“There’s no easier place to track upcoming expenses, onhand inventory, and daily cashflow than FinHub.”

What has FinHub helped me accomplish?
Saving $300/month on outdated Quickbooks
Having full access to my real-time P&L at any moment
Provides clear insight on inventory levels, daily cash flow, and when our operations team should place a reorder
Allows us to reduce our full-time headcount on the accounting side and would have delayed the need for a full-time CFO by at least 12 months
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