Triple Whale Features

Better data, better insights, to help you grow smarter.

Triple Whale Dashboard

Profit Tracker
Track business and advertising profitability with Custom Expenses
All Your Metrics
Compile the metrics most important to your business all in one place. Spend less time wrangling your data and more time using it to grow your operation.
Dashboard Builder
Triple Whale handles the heavy lifting and delivers all of your marketing data in a single, sleek, and comprehensive dashboard, customizable based on the metrics that are most important to you.
Currency Conversion
Working with different currencies? Triple Whale easily converts them for a unified look at profit and revenue metrics.
Mobile App & Chrome Extension
With Triple Whale’s gorgeous full-featured mobile apps for iOS and Android, you can access real-time performance data on the go, from anywhere in the world.
Activity Feed
Track all store activity and marketing metrics — sales, refunds, ROAS, expenses —- from one chronological feed.
Drill down into your data to track and forecast customer spending habits. Filter by product SKU, discount code, referring site, or campaign to view historical trends and averages over the last 3, 6, and 12 months.
Sales Cycle
See the entire customer journey in one view, and identify the optimal moment to deliver a well-timed touchpoint.
Identify which products your customers are purchasing together. Use this data to lean into bundling, upsells, and cross sells, optimize conversions, and offer a better on-site experience.
3 AOVs
Triple Whale gives you three ways to look at your AOV to best understand customer purchase behavior: mean, median, and mode. Use the mean (average) as the baseline, the median as the center of the data set, and the mode to best predict the purchase value of your prospecting ads.
Customer Value (60/90 LTV)
Easily monitor the LTV of your customers over a 60 or 90-day range.
Portfolio View (All Stores)
Own or manage multiple stores? Triple Whale distills performance across your stores into a single view.
Customer Segmentation
Segment customers by loyalty to determine who is most likely to purchase from you in the next year, and who needs a bump.
Support for Multiple Ad Accounts
Filter by specific campaigns, ad sets, and ads across multiple stores.
Email Reports
Send data-rich daily, weekly, or monthly reports to anyone in the company with just a few clicks.
Custom Expenses for Accurate/Inclusive Net Margins
Add fixed and variable expenses to your store for transparent expense tracking.
Product Journey Maps
Track your customers’ product journey from first, to second, to third purchase through two of our most powerful metrics: The Golden Path and the Golden Product Path. Couple this data with your LTV cohorts to identify true product success and better inform ad spend and targeting.
Real-Time Order Tracking (No Lag in Data)
Track all orders in real time, and collect, search, and review all historical order data.

Triple Pixel

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1st-Party, Server-Side Pixel
Our proprietary server-side Triple Pixel directly tracks first-party customer purchase data down to the ad level, giving you immediate clarity around where shoppers are coming from, what products they’re buying, and how you can better market to them in the future.
Customer Journeys
Track your customers’ most profitable paths to purchase, and visualize movement through the funnel in one elegant view.
1st-Party, Server-Side Attribution
Leverage the power of first-party, server-side data to more accurately attribute ad clicks, and get precise insight into ROAS, CAC, profit metrics, and more.
99.7% Purchase Accuracy
Get real and raw purchase data, and track purchases with up to 99.7% accuracy.

Creative Cockpit

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Creative Highlights
Analyzes your top creatives by 10 different metrics. Creative Highlights is a great feature to help brands get a quick snapshot of what is performing and what needs work.
Aggregate Content by Content Type (UGC, Static, Carousel, etc.)
Visualize creative insights through segments, including Product, Lifestyle, UGC, TOF (branded), and more.
Filter by metric and date range to visualize creative performance by segment over time.
Segment Creative Performance vs. Copy Performance
Creative Cockpit visualizes our best-in-class attribution data down to the copy and creative level, so your team can focus on creating based on the most accurate buyer behavior possible.
Easy Metric Comparisons vs. Account Averages
See at a glance how a given creative segment or piece of creative stacks up to your account averages.
Facebook & TikTok Integration
Creative Cockpit integrates with the most critical advertising platforms for DTC brands, including TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram.

Affluencer Hub

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Triple Pixel Deduplication
Get accurate affiliate and influencer-level ROAS by eliminating over-attribution and under-attribution.
Discount Code Creation
Import existing discount codes from Shopify or create net-new discounts in Triple Whale.
Affluencer Login (Coming Soon)
Allows affluencers to sign into Triple Whale through a custom link, where they can upload creative.
True Affluencer ROI
Assign one-time expenses, ongoing expenses, and/or recurring percentage of sales (affiliate commission) to measure true affluencer ROI.
Affluencer UTMs
Simply add the name of your affluencer, destination URL, discount code, and expense. We’ll provide a UTM so that you can track the afffluencer’s activity.
Creative Upload
Upload and store affluencer-level creative.


Triple Whale integrates with Shopify and all major ecommerce platforms to bring all the store data you need into one cohesive view.
Easily integrate with Facebook to track all ad data including total ad spend, CPCs, CPMs, click through, purchases, CPA, ROAS, and more. No janky spreadsheets or manual data entry required.
Google Analytics
Quickly sync with Google Analytics to track how people get to your site, how long it takes to load, what links they click, and so much more.
Seamlessly connect your TikTok account to track the performance of all your campaigns.
Easily plug your Snapchat Ads account to collect Snapchat insights including unique story views, view time, completion rate, screenshots, fallout rate, screenshots and more.
Connect your Pinterest Ads account to receive real-time performance data directly into your Triple Whale dashboard.
Triple Whale’s integration with Klaviyo lets you see the performance of your latest active email and SMS flows and campaigns.
Connect your Gorgias account to Triple Whale to track the total number of tickets, replies, average response time, and average resolution time – without ever leaving the Triple Whale eCom OS.
Triple Whale plugs directly into your team’s Slack workspace to keep everyone up-to-date on your most important metrics.
Seamlessly add your HDYHAU attribution survey responses to your Triple Whale attribution model.
Enrich your Pixel attribution with addition insights from Kno’s post-purchase surveys.
Pull Amazon sales, ad spend, and performance into Triple Whale, unlocking visibility into your entire marketing ecosystem.