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Welcome to your Triple Whale Partner Program. Follow the steps below to get started and make the most of your partnership with us:

Step 2: Review Co-Marketing Opportunities
Newsletter Feature

We run a weekly newsletter called “Inside the Whale” that goes out every Sunday night to 40k DTC owners and operators! This is a weekly round-up of partner events, webinars, blogs, guides, etc. Basically if there’s something cool your company is doing, I want to include it in the newsletter!

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Case Study

We typically reserve case studies for integration partners, but are open to exploring case studies with partners who have high customer overlap or a strong partnership story. Our process involves working together to identify a mutual customer, discovering key metrics or successes the brand has seen by using both of our solutions, and creating a short-form case study.

In-App Chat Bot

This activity is reserved for our Premier and Elite partners (highest tier partners). It involves launching a chat bot to all  Triple Whale customers about a specific partner and asking them if they’d like to be introduced to the partner to learn more about their solution. Work with your PM to become a Premier partner to unlock this perk.

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Interested in contributing content for our blog?