🐦Twitter Communities, CAC, Talent Curation, NFT Madness & More

🐦Twitter Communities, CAC, Talent Curation, NFT Madness & More

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June 2, 2023

👋 Hello wonderful Whale Mailers. Happy Thursday! Let’s jump right in because we have a ton of cerebral candy for you today :)

First, go check out Twitter’s new take on Groups called Communities. Could be really really yuge [sic].

Next, read up on CAC (customer acquisition cost) and why it is paramount to understanding the unit economics of a business. Kinda of nerdy stuff, but still fun.

Then to wrap up the recommended readings, there is a wonderful article about Tyler Cowen’s novel talent curation process. Tiny aside, Tyler has one of my favorite podcasts - Conversations with Tyler.

Finally, we round out the Whale Mail with an epic pod from our friends over at Shopify. The guest is Web Smith and they chat about selling the right way on Amazon and the future of returns.

Fascinating pod. Web has a paid newsletter/community called 2PM. It’s pretty solid, his twitters is also worth a follow.

Then as always; our tip, tool and fact of the week. Thanks again for allowing us in your inbox every Tuesday & Thursday.

Have a whale of day everyone!



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🚀 New Product Updates

TikTok Dashboard in Triple Whale App

TikTok Dashboard in Triple Whale App

This week we pushed a ton of bug fixes and beefed up our servers with more computing power (super saiyan mode engaged). This addition of resources will dramatically speed up of our data pulls.

Say goodbye to those silly Klaviyo issues. #ByeFelicia

Another cool service we are rolling out today is Whale Watchers.

Our Whale Watchers program assigns a Quality Assurance Data Auditor (QADA) to monitor all your client’s data daily to ensure there are 0 discrepancies between Triple Whale and your integrations.

Every day your QADA will audit your data before you come online. If there are any issues, they will open a support ticket with the dev team and boom fixed. All before you knew anything was wrong.

Pretty sweet!

If you are a Triple Whaler on the Agency Plan, reach out to us on the site or app and let us know you want to enroll in Whale Watchers. We can get you all setup! There is a nominal fee for this service and is only available to users on the Agency Plan.

Oh man, I totally buried the lead! We pushed a new TikTok dashboard to Triple Whale. It has all the usual suspects in terms of metrics and it is, as always, available on both our desktop & mobile app. Riddle me this, what’s the only way to check TikTok stats on mobile? I’ll give you a hint, starts with a T ends in Whale.

👩🏻‍💻 What we are reading?

Twitter Communities

“Twitter getting into the communities space is smart, as we continue to seek out interest-based networks and niches

This will also tick a big box for live events as rising crypto communities, sports fans & more look to rally around specific moments”  •  Share

Why is Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) like a Belly Button?

Every business owner has customer acquisition cost (CAC). And a belly button. If that business owner does not know their CAC they are essentially the equivalent of a blindfolded poker player.  •  Share

Tyler Cowen is the best curator of talent in the world - by Tony Kulesa

Tyler Cowen is an economist that has spotted top talent in fields ranging from biotech to literature, often years before insiders. How does he do it?  •  Share

🎧 What we are listening to?

Web Smith on Selling the Right Way on Amazon & Future of Ecom Returns

“We are often protective in our own direct-to-consumer bubble, but in the greater system, the game’s not really that fair, at all.”  •  Share

🤯 Fact of the Week

Someone bought Cryptopunk #6275 on Saturday afternoon for $3.91 million.

Six hours and 26 minutes later, it was resold for $5.14 million, which means that every minute it was held, it increased in value by more than $3,000.

5:44 AM - 6 Sep 2021

🧰 Tool of the Week

Tons of epicness in Alfred, it is like Apple’s Spotlight, but on steroids. For me the most useful feature is the ability to have a “memory” for my copy and paste. OMG so good. Get ready to enter the Golden Age of productivity.

Alfred - Productivity App for macOS

Alfred is a productivity application for macOS, which boosts your efficiency with hotkeys, keywords and text expansion. Search your Mac and the web, and control your Mac using custom actions with the Powerpack.  •  Share

🦸🏼‍♀️ Tip of the Week

🤔 Question of the Week

What is one podcast you’d recommend to a friend & why?

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