🚀 Unlock TikTok Ad Growth, Ecom Email Design Inspo, and More

🚀 Unlock TikTok Ad Growth, Ecom Email Design Inspo, and More

👋 Hello beautiful Whale Mailer!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day - we hope your dashboards are showing a lot of green today 😎

This round-up edition of Whale Mail is an absolute heater.

First up is a fantastic podcast episode with the most polarizing follow on DTC Twitter: Charley Tichenor. We discuss why he’s bullish on Facebook in 2022, the CPM debate, and more…

Making up the recommended readings for the week, our friend Ash reveals how he unlock growth via TikTok Ads. Right now TikTok is the Wild West, so it’s always helpful to see what’s working for others (we might break in down more in depth on the next Adspend).

Next, we have a quick round-up of email design inspiration for your ecommerce brand.

And to round out our recommendations, we have a fantastic thread from Alex Greifeld on five major strategic mistakes ecom brands make.

Oh, and if you’re brand is working with TikTok creators for content, you’ll want to check out the free creator-management framework we found at the end of this newsletter.

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TikTok Ad Growth Ecom Email Design Content

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🎙️You're Not Your ROAS

TikTok Ad Growth Ecom Email Design Content
From Punk Rock Star To Marketing Master

EP 021 - Charley Tichenor - From Punk Rock Star To Marketing Master - You're Not Your ROAS by Triple Whale | Podcast on Spotify

Today we welcome DTC Twitter’s most polarizing follow, Charley Tichenor to the show. Charley is a wealth a knowledge when it comes to Facebook ads and today we break down why he’s bullish on Facebook in 2022 (despite the fear mongering), why CPMs may be overrated, and much more…  •  Share

👀 The BEST Live Event For Ecommerce Advertisers

TikTok Ad Growth Ecom Email Design Content

Geek Out is the premier live event for ecommerce advertisers and agency owners. After throwing a fantastic event in Dubai, Nick and co. are back with another one in sunny San Diego ☀️

It’s already sold out (the hype is real 🔥), but if you’re making it out there hit me up on Twitter and let me know!

Hope to see you in SD :)

Now, for our recommended readings:

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Ep 184: The Fast Road to 8 Figures with Jones Road Beauty's Cody Plofker

A familiar face was featured on the industry powerhouse DTC Podcast. Cody shares learnings from his experience scaling and operating an 8 figure brand. If you’ve listened to any episodes of Adspend, you know this one’s going to be an absolute heater…  •  Share

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