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🎅 Paradox of Choice, Chirpty, TikTok Bigger Than Google, Primer on Behavioral Economics & More

🎅 Paradox of Choice, Chirpty, TikTok Bigger Than Google, Primer on Behavioral Economics & More

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June 6, 2023

👋 Hello wonderful Whale Mailers.

We jam packed this holiday special Whale Mail with cerebral gifts for everyone.

First, some quick housekeeping. We integrated our chat button into the menu and the Triple Whale app we be moving to More deets below.

Ok with that out of the way, let’s dive in.

In our reading section, we have an eloquent essay on Nietzsche, Walking & Creativity. Really fun read.

Next we have three sensation threads, one exploring the paradox of choice through the lens of Trader Joe’s. The second is an interesting take on the state of content marketing.

Then finally, some holiday reading with a mega thread from Aaron Orendorff on some great places to start your marketing/ecom journey.

Closing as always, with our tip, tool and fact of the week!

Plus, our Chirpty!?

Have a whale of holiday break!



P.S. Don’t worry if you didn’t get me any thing. Having you as a Whale Mailer is the best gift I could get this year 🎁.

Paradox Of Choice Chirpty Content

Triple Whale Year End Deal

Stop swimming through data and spend confidently with accurate attribution and Triple Whale, the central source of truth for your eCommerce store.  •  Share

🚀 New Product Updates

Paradox Of Choice Chirpty Content

New Position for Customer Support

Support Chat Has Moved

A few quick updates (we have some serious epicness in the queue): First, our chat support is now in the menu bar. The intercom bubble interfered with some of the UI/UX. #byefelicia

Paradox Of Choice Chirpty Content

New Home for Triple Whale App

Triple Whale App Is Moving URLs

At long last, will be the home page for the marketing website. Triple Whale, the App will move to

So don’t freak out if you go to and longer see your app. The login button in the menu will take you there directly or you can type it in your browser.

Thanks so much for your understanding and I can’t wait to start pumping out our content on our soon to be released blog!

If you have any questions, just ping us 🙌.

🎙️You're Not Your ROAS [Special Edition]

No You’re Not Your ROAS this week, but I wouldn’t leave you all hanging. So here is me on the DTC Podcast.

Had a blast. Here is a little preview. I think y'all will dig it. :)

ROAS is a Vanity Metric with Triple Whale CMO Rabah Rahil - DTC Podcast

Listen to find out why ROAS is a Vanity Metric And why you need 3 ROAS to Rule them all And lots more…on with the show!  •  Share

👩🏻‍💻 What We Are Reading?

Nietzsche on Walking and Creativity – The Marginalian

“Our first questions about the value of a book, of a human being, or a musical composition are: Can they walk? Even more, can they dance?”  •  Share

🎧 What We Are Listening To?

Daniel Kahneman on Behavioral Economics - Masters in Business

Bloomberg Opinion columnist Barry Ritholtz speaks with behavioral economics expert Daniel Kahneman, who wrote the bestselling book “Thinking, Fast and Slow” and won the Nobel Prize in economics.  •  Share

🤯 Fact of the Week

🧰 Tool of the Week

🎅Happy Holidays Everyone! TY for all the support.

Grab yours at

🦸🏼‍♀️ Tip of the Week

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