FinHub - The Finance Platform Built For Ecommerce Brands
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September 27, 2022

FinHub - The Finance Platform Built For Ecommerce Brands

DTC Businesses don’t have time to wait for their books to be reconciled to make critical decisions around cash flow, inventory, invoices, scaling ad spend & more. I’m willing to bet you’ve spent more than one sleepless night…

  • Wrangling financial data from dozens of sources
  • Trying (and failing) to understand your cash flow in real-time
  • Crunching some wild excel formulas (*=(B2/(day($AB$1))30))
  • Worrying what your next P&L statement is going to look like (an anxiety compounded by the fact you won’t have answers for weeks)

… and thought to yourself, “when is someone going to build a finance tool for DTC brands?” You know, for the people like you. The people who need to make decisions about every dime on a dime.

We’ve had bouts of finsomnia, too. And we’re done with them.

That’s what inspired us to build FinHub, the newest feature brought to you by the hard-working, well-rested product team at Triple Whale. FinHub (Finance 💰 + Whale🐋 =  FinHub 🤝) helps you make critical financial decisions in REAL-TIME.

*currently only for our customers in the US & Canada

FinHub brings the financial tools and accounts you’re already using into one simple dashboard, helping you gain clarity like never before with:

  • Consolidated financial data: Securely import data from your banks, credit cards, accounting software, and loans into one cohesive interface through our Plaid & Codat integrations.
  • Real-time cash flow reporting: Top line revenue is great, but real-time cash(flow) is king. Spend on growth with confidence using automatically generate daily, weekly, or monthly cash flow statements based on live data.
  • Accrual P&L: Measuring profitability can be challenging when costs are charged much later than they’re incurred. FinHub gives you a crystal clear picture of your profitability, making it clear which levers you can pull to drive better results.

Cash Flow

Real-time cash flow statement, showing all money going in and out of all financial accounts, as well as tiles showing:

  • Money in
  • Money out
  • Beginning cash
  • Ending cash, and
  • Total change in cash

Live Transactions

FinHub shows a live view of all  financial transactions (both debits and credits) spanning all accounts.

Clicking on any of the transactions will pull up a modal window to drill down on the transactions in that specific account.

If a transaction isn’t categorized correctly, recategorize any of the individual transactions in seconds; for a long-term solution, create categorization rules to apply to all other transactions from the same vendor.

P&L Made For DTC

In true Triple Whale fashion, we made a tool that we use on actual DTC Brands, not one built by spreadsheet savvy CPA’s (no offense CPA’s…we appreciate those tax filings).

The above P&L looks pretty standard…au contraire! We’re not trying to completely reinvent categories that work, and we feel like better subcategories can lead to better visibility and decision making. Introducing sub-categories that actually make sense for DTC brands:

As well as the ability to accrue for asynchronous costs.

Clicking on any of the categories or subcategories in the P&L will bring up a drill down modal that shows all of the underlying transactions assigned to that category within the time range.

Grow Your Ecommerce Brand with FinHub

If you know anything about us, you know we build in public and ship fast. It’s a strategy that’s led to more than 6,000 stores trusting us as the source of truth for their brand, but it isn’t without risk. It relies on early adopters willing to take the leap with us.

That’s why we’re giving the first 500 FinHub customers exclusive early bird pricing for life.

Claim your 50% off offer here

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Saunder is a legend in his own mind. His mission is to grow people and brands that he believes in. He has a beautiful wife and 2 kids. He's a protector of sweet potato fries and performance station wagons.

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