Global BFCM Stats, Canva's SEO Strategy, Shopify's BFCM Notebook, Dorsey Departs Twitter & More

Global BFCM Stats, Canva's SEO Strategy, Shopify's BFCM Notebook, Dorsey Departs Twitter & More

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June 2, 2023

👋 Hello wonderful Whale Mailers.

Today’s issues is stuffed with a CVS receipt’s worth of knowledge in a Shopify notification (that analogy works right?).

Ok all kidding aside, we have an incredible update to our TW. The v1 of our activity feed was pushed last night and it’s legit. All the significant events in the marketing ecosystem are recorded and put in a chronology for you; right in Triple Whale.

It’s like the block chain (not really) for your marketing ecosystem.

Moving on, we had Cody Plofker of #MarketingTwitter screenshot fame (even tho they were shoppies screenies instead of TW 🙄) on the pod. He talks about his journey from Strength & Conditioning coach to managing marketing for an 8 figure brand. Dood is legit.

Next, our reading section starts out with a seminal essay by Ben Thompson about what’s next for Twitter after the resignation of Jack Dorsey.

After that we have a fun thread about the agency behind the Lil Nas X’s ‘Satan Shoes’ and how they keep producing winning campaigns.

Then Zach Stuck gives us an under the hood look at his new DTC bizness. Dope thread. And those screenies. #amirite

Lastly, we have banger of a thread on Canva‘s SEO Strategy.

Ok now on to some Shopify awesomeness. They just released their BFCM Notebook. Basically a gorgeous report comping your BFCM this year to last, and mixing in some relative metrics.

Go grab it right meow, it is on the home page about midway down.

It’s pretty incredible.

Closing out Whale Mail, we have some staggering Global 2021 BFCM stats…

What do you think the peak sales per minute was?

What time on Friday did peak sales occur?

What was the mobile/desktop split for purchasers?

Read on to see if you are right ;)

Thank you for being so awesome and allowing us in your inbox every Tuesday and Thursday.

Have a whale of a day!



🚀 New Product Updates

🎙️You're Not Your ROAS

EP010 - Cody Plofker on Managing an 8 Figure A Year Brand, Jet Skiing & More

EP010 - Cody Plofker on Managing an 8 Figure A Year Brand, Jet Skiing & More

Cody Plofker the Head of Marketing at Jones Road stops by to share his journey from S & C coach to media buying savant. He articulates some macro takeaways on how he structures budget and pontificates on the epicness of jet skiing.

The force is strong with this one…

*Editor’s note: I forget to switch the audio to my headphones 🤦‍♂️. There is a little echo in the first minutish that goes away. Sowwwwy. Won’t happen again :)

🦻EP010 Cody Plofker - Audio Only Version

👩🏻‍💻 What we are reading?

Twitter Has a New CEO; What About a New Business Model? by Ben Thompson

Twitter Has a New CEO; What About a New Business Model? by Ben Thompson

Twitter is changing CEOs once again; what if the company changed its business model from ads to subscriptions?  •  Share

Harry Swales

Harry Swales


This team is 100x better at marketing than you.

They've been sued by Nike, flipped an Andy Warhol drawing from $20k to $250k, and sold shoes that let you literally walk on water.

Here's what you can learn from them...

1:18 PM - 15 Nov 2021

Zach Stuck

Zach Stuck


Why did I launch a brand at possibly the worst time in DTC history? 👀

In the first 15 days my store hit $50k in revenue and $1.5k in net profit...all while being cash flow positive.

Over the next few months I'll share my process on how it will hit $30k/mo in net profit.


7:19 PM - 1 Dec 2021

Growth Student🎓

Growth Student🎓


Canva's SEO strategy is Elite

How they grew to 55M monthly users with a solution focused content + SEO strategy

A thread👇

11:30 AM - 29 Nov 2021

🎧 What we are listening to?

Payal Kadakia on Becoming a Unicorn, and What to Do When 95% of Your Revenue Vanishes - In Conversation with Shopify Plus

“When I was younger, I think everyone always was like, ‘You shouldn’t be emotional in business. You can’t have empathy,’” Kadakia says. “But at the end of the day, the best brands are the ones that understand, emotionally, what’s going on.”  •  Share

🤯 2021 Black Friday Global Highlights

💰Peak sales per minute: Nearly $3.1 million on Black Friday at 12:02 PM EST.

🗺️ Top selling countries & cities where shoppers made purchases from: United States, United Kingdom, and Canada, with the top-selling cities on Black Friday including London, New York, and Los Angeles.

📱Mobile sales: 72% of sales were made on mobile devices versus 28% on desktop, an increase from 67% of sales made on mobile and 33% on desktop in 2020.

📊 Top product categories: Apparel and accessories followed by health & beauty and home & garden.

🛍️ Average cart price: $101.20 USD, which is up from last year’s Black Friday average of $90.70 USD.

🧭 15%: Cross-border orders worldwide on Black Friday as a percentage of total orders, with the most popular cross-border routes being United States-Canada, Canada-United States, and United Kingdom-United States.  

🌳 23,000+: Tonnes of carbon removal funded to counteract emissions from the delivery of every order placed on Shopify’s platform on Black Friday. Learn more about how Shopify is eliminating the climate impact of merchant shipments here.

- Source (Shopify)

🧰 Tool of the Week




ok so what's better than knowing you crushed it on black friday?

*knowing* you crushed it on black friday.

available today in your admin, the BFCM Notebook is a detailed view into how your biz performed over black friday cyber monday weekend.

more here:

3:09 PM - 1 Dec 2021

🦸🏼‍♀️ Tip of the Week




Here's a conversion rate trick I used this weekend to lift a site's conversion by 43%

Instead of explaining how the product works in the description, we created an infographic of how it works & made that the 2nd image in the carousel


12:15 PM - 15 Nov 2021

The Operating System for Ecommerce

The Operating System for Ecommerce

Triple Whale centralizes the metrics from all the tools you use, right into your pocket. We simplify, inform & save you time!  •  Share

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