Connect Triple Whale and KNO to Create The Ultimate Attribution Stack

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Enrich Triple Pixel Data with Post-Purchase Surveys to Gain Deeper Customer Insights & Enhance ROI


Post-iOS 14 pixel data captures data up to 7 days after click. Post-purchase surveys are based on customer-reported responses, and aren’t held to this data-sharing timeline. This means you can close any remaining gaps to get attribution for any orders that slip through the window! Post Purchase Surveys help attribute revenue back to organic and hard-to-track channels like word of mouth, podcasts, influencers, direct mail, out-of-home ads, and more.

Drive Action

Because KNO surveys are natively built into your confirmation page, 45% of orders complete the survey. This is high-intent traffic that can then be funneled into taking an action. For example send this traffic to a refer-a-friend program, to download your mobile app, or even drive reviews. The options are limitless.

“After adding KnoCommerce to our store, we instantly had to hook it up to our TripleWhale dashboard. Not only are we getting invaluable first-party data in the backend, but we’re also closing the gap on attribution. I can rest assured knowing that I can attribute every sale back to the channel of origin and optimize accordingly. After integrating KNO & Triple Whale, we increased our Facebook attributed conversion value by 19% and increased our Facebook ROAS by 25%!”