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Gorgias key metrics, within Triple Whale’s Summary Page.

Align Gorgias With The Big Picture.

Gorgias is the eCommerce helpdesk that turns your customer service into a profit center. And there's every good reason why you'd want to see your high-level CS metrics in line with your overall store performance. Through Triple Whale, you can view your Gorgias Key Metrics alongside your most important business metrics.

Centralize Your Data And Save Time.

Within a few short clicks, you can connect your Gorgias account to Triple Whale. You'll be able to track the total number of tickets, replies, average response time, and average resolution time
Save Time and Increase Efficiency
Save Time and Increase Efficiency

"The Triple Whale x Gorgias integration is empowering brands to dive deep into their CX data and making it incredibly easy to do so by displaying those must-see metrics right in the Triple Whale summary page.” - Mia Bobak, Head of Tech Partnerships at Triple Whale