Integrate Triple Whale + Fairing to make data-driven decisions.

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Connect your post-purchase survey data to gain actionable insights

Survey Data & Speed at Scale

Why post-purchase surveys? Because they align responses with measurable behavior. Fairing appends transaction & traffic data to each consumer response, so you can connect what happened with why it happened.

Upgrade Your Attribution

Data captured from your post-purchase surveys will be pulled into your Triple Whale dashboard on the Summary Page, and directly populate results. Giving you the fast and reliable data you need to scale your business.
Customer Journey Insights
Customer Journey Insights

“With Fairing and Triple Whale, gone are the days of customer journey data slipping through the cracks. Our integration makes it possible to get a better understanding of where your customers are coming from and arming you with the data you need to scale your business.”

-Mia Bobak, Head of Tech Partnerships at Triple Whale